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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NEWS: Utah Arts Alliance Gallery

Utah Arts Alliance Gallery
127 South Main Street SLC UT 84111

Utah Arts Alliance Gallery Welcomes Artist Dave Borba
The Utah Arts Alliance Gallery will be hosting an artist?s reception for Dave Borba 
during the Gallery Stroll on August 17th, 2012 from 6pm until 9pm. Dave will be 
showcasing his interactive folk-art pieces and his hand carved woodworks at the Gallery 
until mid-September.

Dave Borba?s art work is not only eye-catching but also asks for the viewer to play with 
the pieces. His work has been highly received at the Utah Arts Festival and his piece 
entitled the ?The Wounded Bird Flies Again? has gained notable attention.

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Dave Borba has lived an eclectic life, and his 
adventures have enriched him with diverse interests and skill sets that enrich his art 
work. Harnessing inspiration from his Grandfather's era and combining it with a variety 
of mediums and techniques, Borba has developed a unique style, most notably the 
interactive aspect of his work. "The goal of my work is to encourage and remind people to 
directly participate and interact with their surroundings. I create interactive 
sculptures by incorporating mechanisms or simple motions that can be activated by the 
audience into my work to lure the audience into participation. 'Don't touch the art', 
does not apply here."

Mediums: Mixed, wood, metal, fabric, paper, and acrylic. If you would like more 
information regarding the Utah Arts Alliance Gallery or Dave Borba?s work, visit us at 
Utah Arts Alliance Gallery or www.daveborba.com .

The Utah Arts Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit arts organization.
Our mission is to foster the arts in its many forms, to provide venues to facilitate the 
arts, to provide programming and support for arts and education, to provide a central 
organization committed to networking and support of Utah?s non-profit arts and 
educational groups and to provide support and services to Utah?s artists and students.

Derek Dyer - Executive Director; Kent Rigby - Gallery Director.

Derek Dyer
Executive Director
Utah Arts Alliance
SLC Arts Hub
663 West 100 South
SLC UT 84104
C: 801-651-3937

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