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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

JOB: Content Production Manager @ The Leonardo (SLC)

Job Description:
Content Production Manager

The Leonardo is a science, tech and art center committed to the exploration of current issues in science and society. The Leonardo strives to set new standards in excellence in visitor experience. We are seeking to create exhibits, programs, and user-generated content that provoke thoughts, ideas, and discussions.

The Leonardo is now seeking a creative person to fill the role of Production Manager for Content and Graphics. This position will be responsible for the development of a project management and production plan for all interpretive needs in the center, and the coordination of all graphics production. The Leonardo’s approach to interpretation is one that highlights self-discovery and inquiry, based on the current questions at the frontiers of science and society.

The Production Manager will be a member of the exhibits team, and will work very closely with the Graphic Designer and Technology Experience Manager, as well as education staff to develop the design and content to be used across a variety of platforms and media.

The Production Manager will establish timelines, sources for content, editing and review, as well as a vendor list for graphics production. S/he will also establish review processes to ensure scientific and factual accuracy of all materials.

Key responsibilities include:

• work with the exhibits team and interpretive and branding consultants to establish guidelines for The Leonardo’s “voice”, and establish key principles of content delivery
• establish a comprehensive project and production plan of all content and graphics needs for all exhibits and programs
• oversee progress on this plan, and source or create content and materials
• work with education staff to develop compelling interpretive content for each exhibit
• research, create and assemble content (text, audio, video) for onsite and online experiences
• work with proofreaders, reviewers, evaluators and editors as needed
• work closely with exhibits and education team to assure content goals are implemented during design process and design goals are incorporated into content development
• understand difference between providing information versus interpretation
• if needed, conduct original research or develop copy from a variety of sources, or lead recorded audio or video interviews with curators, artists and other specialists
• in collaboration with the Technology Experience Manager, develop a plan for on-site vs online content
• track progress on research and writing for each exhibit and program and ensure all deadlines are met
• In addition to the duties outlined above, the Production Manager will take an active role in project managing the “Innovation Showcase” exhibit


• A bachelor’s degree in science, communications, museum studies or related field

• Demonstrated research and writing skills

• Excellent interpersonal communication skills

• Demonstrated track record of production management and project management

• Ability to work in a fast-paced and changing environment and strong work ethic

• Ability to produce accurate work under pressure and meet deadlines; superior communication skills and ability to work effectively as a team member is essential.

• Must guide projects from concept to development and installation, and to conduct and coordinate the content and graphics project plan

• Ability to work with minimal supervision and react calmly and professionally to challenging situations. Must be able to exercise independent thinking and make rational decisions.

• Willingness to travel and work extra hours as needed during peak workload periods. Ability to work efficiently in stressful situations. _

• Experience working with content management systems or web development tools is ideal

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume/CV to Chris Davies, cdavies@theleonardo.org. This position is open until filled.

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