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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spy Hop & State Room Present Shannon Witworth (SLC: July 16)

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Spy Hop Productions and The State Room present North Carolina's Shannon Whitworth. Over the past several years, Shannon Whitworth's impact in the world of Americana music has created lofty expectations by fans nationwide. As a founding member of the acclaimed acoustic quartet The Biscuit Burners, Shannon received national praise for her definitive songwriting and captivating voice.

Opening for Shannon will be Cub Country and Spy Hop Records' own Joel Brown . Cub Country is a rock band that revolves around singer/songwriter Jeremy Chatelain. Since 1999, Chatelain has penned songs about his time in Brooklyn, North Carolina, Seattle and Salt Lake City. These songwriting elements are mixed with a dose of rootsy rock and roll and topped with Chatelain's soothing, easy voice. The band has recently released a new LP, "Stretch That Skull Cover and Smile."

At only 21 years old, Joel Brown is a dynamic emerging singer/songwriter recently signed to the Spy Hop Records label. His music is inviting and personal, with a powerful voice that causes even the most stoic and indifferent listeners to lend an ear. Joel is constantly evolving and his new record is a progression away from his poppy roots. Proceeds from the evening's show will benefit Spy Hop's innovative youth media arts programs in film, music, and digital design.

With her debut solo release, Shannon reminds us that innocence has No Exceptions. Pure, strong, and heartfelt, she catches the ears and touches the hearts of even the most unsuspecting bystander.

"Her vocals are some of the most expressive, and sultry, that I've ever heard"
- David Royko, Chicago Tribune

"An interesting and sporadically brilliant musician, with a smoky singing voice that reminds me of a grittier Neko Case or a harder Patsy Cline."
- Seth Wilson, The Pulse, Chattanooga.

"Shannon Whitworth's fluid voice rolls lazily over her lyrics; contemporary, bluesy, rooted in traditional but bearing a feel of Billie Holiday"
- Carol Mallett Rifkin, Asheville Citizen Times

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