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Monday, July 23, 2012


Be a Part of Bountiful/Davis Summerfest International!


BOUNTIFUL, Utah, July 17, 2012 - Bountiful/Davis Summerfest International (BDSI) has been an annual tradition in Davis County for 24 years. BDSI is an exciting celebration of the arts that includes artist booths, ethnic food vendors, games, exhibits, folk musicians and dancers from around the world.  A program of the Bountiful/Davis Art Center, BDSI is organized, supported, and operated largely through volunteer services and contributions from the community. 
Over 200 international dancers and musicians travel to Bountiful each year to perform at BDSI. During their stay, they are hosted by local families. The international guests enjoy this chance to experience American culture first-hand while likewise sharing their own traditions. It takes many months and significant sacrifices for international groups to prepare for this ‘once in a lifetime dream’ to come to the United States.  Many have challenges raising enough money and securing visas. But when they get here, they remark on how much they enjoy being in America.  And their introduction to American life is through staying in a host family.  The bonds formed during these exchanges have frequently blossomed into lifelong friendships.

“It’s good to build bridges between cultures. It is a very nice, friendly atmosphere.”
Yana Docheva, Bulgaria 2011

“Our host family was amazing--the couple and all of their kids. I think it was the first time they hosted a family ever. It was the first time that we had ever stayed with a host family, so everything was new! I’ll tell you, they are amazing people!”
Philip-Walley Stack, Wadjuk Nation, Australia 2011

“This was definitely a good experience because here, in a host family, you experience American culture.  In other countries, we stayed in a hotel.  Host families are different because they become like your own family!”
Indonesian Dancer 2011

“Your festival was organized magnificently. You spent much trouble so our trip could take place.  It was a huge experience for us. We have only fadeless and best memories of your festival. There is a little sadness that performance time flew so fast and we are separated by the huge ocean.”
Roman Strom
Russia, participating group at Summerfest, 2008

“Summerfest adds a unique experience to the lives of families by letting them become ambassadors for Utah. It’s so much fun to have guests from other countries in your home.  You can gain lifetime friendships and penpals.  LOTS OF FUN!”
Barbie Landsaw, Summerfest Host Family

While highly rewarding, registering as a host family is a commitment.  From August 5 to August 12th, host families provide sleeping arrangements within their home for 2 or more guests.  They must also provide healthy meals and transportation to and from BDSI events. For more information regarding hosting opportunities, please email the Bountiful/Davis Art Center at info@bdac.org or call us at 801-292-0367.

BDSI offers many other rewarding volunteer opportunities in addition to hosting.  Whether helping with park set-up, stage crew, security, and maintenance, or tending to the children’s art yard, hospitality booth or information center, serving as a BDSI volunteer is an excellent way to become more involved in the local community and share in the success of this dynamic event.  We are also looking for volunteers who can speak Spanish, French, Russian, Indonesian, Swahili and Hindi to help as guides and liaisons to the groups.

2012 Participating Groups:
Colombia: Grupo de Danzas Folkloricas Carmen Lopez
Costa Rica: Asociacion Folcklorica Escazucena
Croatia: Folk Dance Ensemble Sesvetska Sela
France: Lous Cigalouns de Mourseuns
France: La Jouvenco de Mont-Favet
India: Rangpuhar
Sierra Leone: The Biana Players
Indonesia: Bireuyn Seudati (Pelita Harapan University)
Siberia: Gulun

Sponsorships and donations of supplies, food, or vouchers are also critical to the success of BDSI.  Bountiful/Davis Art Center is a 501-C-3 organization. All donations are therefore tax-deductible. For more information regarding volunteer positions, hosting, sponsorship benefits and suggested donations, please log-on to www.bdac.org or email us at info@bdac.org.

Summerfest is a cultural feast that delights the senses and bridges the borders of the world through a celebration of the arts. Music, dance, food, art and fun activities for the whole family will be presented at the 24rd annual Summerfest.

For more information about this and other programs of Bountiful/Davis Art Center, call 801 292-0367 or visit us online at www.bdac.org  http://www.bdac.org/ email: info@bdac.org. BDAC can be found on Twitter and Facebook .  High resolution, captioned photos are available upon request.

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