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Monday, May 21, 2012

Art Conversation with Serena Supplee @ Main Gallery, St. George Art Museum, St. George, July 19th


May 26 through September 8, 2012

Main Gallery Starry, Starry Night: The Paintings of Serena Supplee with Art Conversation on July 19th at 7pm (3rd Thursday Art Conversation Series)

Mezzanine Gallery Starry, Starry Night, National Parks through the Lens of Wally Pacholka

Legacy Gallery Great Basin Exteriors: A Photographic Survey

(Nevada Arts Council exhibit-opens June 20th)

The magic of the night sky comes alive in the paintings of Serena Supplee in the Main Gallery. They are like dreams of the heavens that open this special grouping of exhibits at the St. George Art Museum this summer.

The beauty, truth, and freedom of canyons and rivers pulse through Serena Supplee. Thirty years of living and loving the Colorado Plateau serve as the current of inspiration for Serena’s artwork. Her passionate palette captures the expansion of rims, the movement of rivers, and the dance of clouds with the lighting on canyon walls, and the night with is dark though alive with the star filled sky full of galaxies, which have long captivated the minds and souls of humans.

Originally from Iowa, Serena graduated with a BFA from Northern Arizona University. She worked summers as a guide on the Colorado, Green, and San Juan Rivers and still loves rowing her boat. Serena’s book, Inner Gorge Metaphors, features a series of paintings focused on the rapids and the Inner Gorge of the Grand Canyon. The series of paintings that start with the rock temples that grace the rim of the Grand Canyon and lead down to the Colorado River are on view in Catchin’Current at the Powell Museum in Page, Arizona through February 2013.. For the St. George Art Museum exhibit she specifically focused on the drama and mystery of the evening twilight. Both exhibit catalogs will be available in the Museum Store, along with other merchandise.

Serena works primarily in watercolors and oils. She paints watercolors on site and also draws detailed sketches, which she transforms into large oils. A collection of her geometric landscape paintings woven into rugs and baskets by Navajo weavers are on display at Twin Rocks Trading Post in Bluff, Utah. A spectacular selection of giclee prints of Serena’s paintings, a library of originals and works in progress, along with Serena’s outdoor sculptures may be seen at her studio by appointment. Two of her graceful, sandstone-inspired sculptures are on public display in Moab.


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