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Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Damn These Heels! LGBT FIlm Festival moves to July 13-15 and to the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center. Look for titles to be announced in early June.

Environmental FIlm Series / Tuesday, May 1 @ 7:00 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library (210 E. 400 S.)
URBAN ROOTS / Directed by Mark MacInnis / 94 min | 2011 | USA
Detroit, once an industrial powerhouse of a lost American era, is a city devastated by the loss of half its population due to the collapse of manufacturing. In response, a small group of dedicated citizens have started an urban environmental movement with the potential to transform their city. Urban Roots is a timely, moving and inspiring film that speaks to a nation grappling with collapsed industrial towns and the need to forge a sustainable and prosperous future.

Science Movie Night /  Tuesday, May 8 @ 6:30 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library (210 E. 400 S.)
SEMPER FI: ALWAYS FAITHFUL / Directed by Rachel Libert and Tony Hardmon / 76 min | 2011 | USA
When Marine Corps Master Sgt. Jerry Ensminger´s nine-year old daughter Janey died of a rare type of leukemia, his world collapsed. His search for answers led to the shocking discovery of a Marine Corps cover-up of one of the largest water contamination incidents in U.S. history. Semper Fi: Always Faithful follows his fight as it reveals a grave injustice at North Carolina´s Camp Lejeune and a looming environmental crisis at military sites across the country. Join us for a discussion of local ground water contamination issues with Salt Lake City Water Quality and Treatment Administrator Florence Reynolds following the film. Presented in partnership with Salt Lake City´s Water Week.

The Wide World of Sports /  Tuesday, May 15 @ 7:00 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library (210 E. 400 S.)
BOYS OF SUMMER / Directed by Keith Aumont / 94 min | 2010 | USA
On the tiny island of Curaçao, Manager Vernon Isabella has sent his Little League All-Stars to the World Series for seven consecutive years, routinely defeating such baseball powerhouses as Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, to win a spot in Williamsport. At its core, Boys of Summer is a film about the universally beloved pastime of baseball, examined from a unique perspective. More than that, it's a film about children carrying the privilege and burden of a nation's pride, and about athletes competing at the highest level and having the time of their lives.

Special Screening / Tuesday, May 22 @ 7:00 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library (210 E. 400 S.)
ADDICTION INCORPORATED / Charles Evans, Jr. / 100 min | 2011 | USA
This is the true story of Victor DeNoble, one of the most important and influential whistleblowers of all time. In the `80s, DeNoble was a research scientist at a major tobacco company, where he was tasked with finding a substitute for nicotine that would not cause heart attacks. He succeeded, but in the process, he proved something that the industry had been denying for years; that cigarettes were addictive. He also uncovered a new addictive ingredient setting off a chain of events that still reverberates today. Presented in partnership with THE TRUTH.

Tuesday, May 29 @ 7:00 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)
HOW TO DIE IN OREGON / Directed by Peter Richardson / 107 min | 2011 | USA
**Post-screening q+a via Skype with director Peter Richardson
In 1994, Oregon became the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide. As a result, any individual whom two physicians diagnose as having less than six months to live can lawfully request a fatal dose of barbiturate to end his or her life. Filmmaker Peter Richardson gently enters the lives of the terminally ill as they consider whether-and when-to end their lives by lethal overdose. Richardson examines both sides of this complex, emotionally charged issue. What emerges is a life-affirming, staggeringly powerful portrait of what it means to die with dignity.

Tuesday, June 5 @ 7:00 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)
SPLINTERS / Directed by Adam Pesce / 94 min | 2011 | USA
**Post-screening q+a via Skype with director Adam Pesce
Praised by ESPN for "reviving the surf film genre," Splinters combines great on-wave action with high drama. Restricted by gender, culture and limited jobs, a unique group of athletes contests for a national championship as a ticket off the paradise of Papua New Guinea. A standout on the festival circuit since its Tribeca premiere, Filmmaker Magazine has called Splinters "engrossing and endlessly surprising".

Science Movie Night /  Tuesday, June 12 - 6:30 PM Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)
AGE OF CHAMPIONS / Directed by Christopher Rufo / 70 min | 2011 | USA
Age of Champions is the uplifting story of a group of athletes-a 100-year-old tennis champion, 86-year-old pole vaulter, octogenarian swimmers, and a team of basketball grandmothers-all chasing gold at the National Senior Games. Meet these passionate and inspiring competitors and discover what makes them tick. Join Kevin Kohl, PhD., a student in the Department of Biology at University of Utah, following the film for a discussion of the physiology of aging and what the latest science tells us about aging, as well as the athletes in the film.
Through The Lens /  Thursday, June 14 @ 7:00 PM / The Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center (138 W. Broadway)

Special Screening /  Tuesday, June 19 @ 7:00 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)
JOFFREY: Mavericks of American Dance / Directed by Bob Hercules / 82 min | 2012 | USA
**Post-screening discussion with Adam Sklute, Artistic Director of Ballet West and former Associate Artistic Director of The Joffrey Ballet.
Joffrey: Mavericks of American Dance tells the story of this groundbreaking cultural treasure, known as the first truly American dance company. Narrated by Tony® and Emmy® Award-winner Mandy Patinkin and directed by Bob Hercules, the film documents how The Joffrey Ballet revolutionized American ballet by daringly combining modern dance with traditional ballet technique, combining art with social statement and setting ballets to pop and rock music scores.
Presented in partnership with Ballet West

SPEED at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts /  Wednesday, June 20 @ 7:00 PM /  UMFA (410 Campus Center Dr.)
LE MANS  / Directed by Lee H. Katzin / Rated G  | 106 min | 1971 | USA
Steve McQueen stars an American driver at the 24-hour Le Mans Grand Prix who is locked in an intense grudge match with his German counterpart, even as he wrestles with his guilt over causing an accident that cost the life of a close friend. McQueen comes through with a penetrating, stoic performance in this classic film, and the racing sequences through the French countryside are nothing less than breathtaking.

Films Without Borders /  Tuesday, June 26 @ 7:00 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)
THE LAST SURVIVOR / Directed by Michael Pertnoy and Michael Kleiman / 88 min | 2010 | USA
The Last Survivor presents the stories of genocide survivors and their struggle to make sense of tragedy by working to educate, motivate and foster a civic response to these horrific acts. Following the lives of survivors of four different genocides and mass atrocities-The Holocaust, Rwanda, Darfur, and the Congo-The Last Survivor presents a unique opportunity to learn from the lessons and mistakes of our past in order to have a lasting social impact on how we act collectively in the face of similar issues today. Presented in partnership with Utah Health and Human Rights and in honor of the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Monday Night Movies at The Gallivan Center /  Monday, July 9 @ Dusk / The Gallivan Center (239 S. Main St.)
AIRPORT / Directed by George Seaton / Rated G | 137 min | 1970 | USA
Nominated for 10 Academy Awards®  including Best Picture, this engaging and glitzy drama spawned a new film genre-the disaster movie. In 12 harrowing hours at a major Midwestern airport, airport manager Mel Bakersfield must deal with a powerful blizzard, a blocked runway, a failing marriage, and a mentally disturbed passenger carrying a bomb. This blockbuster has everything an audience could want-suspense, romance, drama, and comedy-all spread across a vast canvas.

Science Movie Night /  Tuesday, July 10 @ 6:30 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)

Monday Night Movies at The Gallivan Center /  Monday, July 16 @ Dusk / The Gallivan Center (239 S. Main St.)
THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN / Directed by Robert Wise / Rated G | 131 min | 1971| USA
Note: Contains graphic scenes that may be unsuitable for young children.
In this Oscar®-nominated sci-fi classic based on the Michael Crichton novel of the same name, a satellite crashes in New Mexico, prompting a team of scientists to race against the clock to stop a deadly virus from spreading the alien illness that sprang from the probe and has already killed most of those living near the crash site.

SPEED at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts /  Wednesday, July 18 @ 7:00 PM / UMFA (410 Campus Center Dr.)
BOYS OF BONNEVILLE: Racing on a Ribbon of Salt / Directed by Curt Wallin / 80 min | 2011 | USA
This film tells the story of an unsung hero and self-made man, David Abbott Jenkins, who, with almost superhuman stamina and boyish charm, set out to single-handedly break every existing land speed record on his beloved Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah. More than a century later, many of "Ab´s" records remain unbroken and the legacy lives on in his custom car.

Monday Night Movies at the Gallivan Center /  Monday, July 23 @ Dusk / Gallivan Center (239 S. Main St.)
THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) / Directed by Ronald Neame / Rated PG | 117 min | 1972 | USA
Before there was Titanic-there was The Poseidon Adventure. This multiple Oscar®-nominee (including a win for Best Song) set the standard for seagoing disaster films. As the luxury liner Poseidon charts its course on New Year's Eve, disaster strikes when an undersea earthquake causes a titanic tidal wave and capsizes the vessel, leaving just 10 survivors. Led by a no-nonsense reverend, the group must maneuver through airshafts, electrical cables and a burning engine room to the boat's hull, which is their lone chance for escape.

SPEED at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts /  Saturday, July 28 @ 3:00 PM / UMFA (410 Campus Center Dr.)
THE RACE / Directed by André F. Nebe / Recommended for ages 8+ /  | 84 min | 2009 | Ireland/Germany
With no money, no help from her father (Colm Meaney) and only her fiery determination to build a go-kart in time to compete in a championship race, 11-year-old Mary braves torment from her peers to dream beyond her poor community in Northern Ireland. Rowan O'Neill writes and André F. Nebe directs this heartwarming family drama that co-stars Susan Lynch as Mary's disapproving mother, Tom Collins and Diarmuid Corr. This film has been an audience favorite at film festivals around the world including the 2011 Tumbleweeds Film Festival for Children and Youth.

Monday Night Movies at the Gallivan Center /  Monday, July 30 @ Dusk / (239 S. Main St.)
THE TOWERING INFERNO / Directed by John Guillermin / Rated PG | 165 min | 1974 | USA
This star-studded (Paul Newman, William Holden, Steve McQueen, Faye Dunaway) Oscar®-winning actioner, produced by Irwin Allen, is one of the greatest disaster films ever made. Architect Doug Roberts and builder James Duncan are celebrating their latest success: the world's tallest building. But when a blaze caused by bad wiring rages during the grand opening, Doug and Fire Chief O'Hallorhan must beat impossible odds to save those trapped inside.

Films Without Borders /  Tuesday, August 7 @ 7:00 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)
THE FORGOTTEN BOMB / Directed by Stuart Overbey / 95 min | 2010 | USA/Japan
**Director Stuart Overbey will be in attendance for a post-screening q+a.
In a globetrotting journey through various perspectives on nuclear weapons, this film takes us from the Peace Museums of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, to the "Nuclear Science" museums of the United States, to the place that birthed the atomic bomb, (and cares for it still) the state of New Mexico. Featuring former U.S. Secretary of State, George Shultz, authors Gar Alperovitz and Jonathan Schell, Japanese bomb survivors, and many others, The Forgotten Bomb explores our pre-conceptions about nuclear weapons and their history, investigates how they inform our sense of identity, and discovers what the bomber can learn from the bombed. Presented in honor of Hiroshima and Nagasaki Remembrance Day

Science Movie Night  /  Tuesday, August 14 @ 6:30 PM / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)

The Wide World of Sports /  Tuesday, August 21 @ 7:00 PM  / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)
CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT / Directed by Yung Chang / 89 min | 2012 | Canada/China
In southwestern China, a Master coach recruits poor rural teenagers and turns them into Western-style boxing champions. Through hard work and discipline, these boys and girls hope to become China´s next Olympic heroes, but as they decide whether to fight for the collective good as amateurs or for themselves as professionals, their struggle becomes a metaphor for the choices that everyone faces in the New China.

SPEED at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts /  Wednesday, August 22 @ 7:00 PM / UMFA (410 Campus Center Dr.)
RACING DREAMS / Directed by Marshall Curry / 93 min | 2009 | USA
Racing Dreams is an award-winning coming-of-age story about three kids who dream of one day racing in NASCAR. This exciting and often humorous film takes us into the lives of Annabeth (11), Josh (12), and Brandon (13) as they compete for the  championship in the World Karting Association`s National Series, widely considered the Little League for professional racing.

Special Screening /  Tuesday, August 28 @ 7:00  PM / Salt Lake City Main Library  (210 E. 400 S.)
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