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Monday, September 12, 2011

2 Exhibits @ Art Access: "Going Places: A Mother & Son" & "Paper Bag Pastels" (SLC: Sept 16 - Oct 14)

Going Places: A Mother & Son Exhibit Art Access Gallery Train Station by Dottie Miles Fine Dining by Chris Miles Art Access Gallery is pleased to present the work of mother and son, Dottie & Chris Miles. The artists currently share a studio in Sugarhouse where both paint their whimsical creations: Dottie in oils and Chris in acrylics. Although both are attracted to lighter subjects, Dottie's style is bolder and looser, while Chris paints in a smoother and more precise style. Humor is an important element in both of their work. Dottie says of her work, " My painting is about recording someone or something I've seen and found interesting - a face or a figure. Sometimes it is the mood or atmosphere I'm responding to, but I try not to be too specific - to leave enough ambiguity for the viewer to make his or her interpretation of what is going on. I nearly always carry a sketchbook so I find subject matter wherever I am - in line at Costco, the airport, waiting rooms, etc.". Chris's paintings usually begin in his imagination. He starts with pen and ink sketches, which he continues developing until he feels that they are ready to be transferred to a working surface. Rather than real people being the catalyst for his work, it is often symbols of people, character types or animals that are the beginning point for Chris's work. While at first glance Dottie and Chris's work seems completely different, look closely and you will see that the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Paper Bag Pastels by Brian Bean Access II Gallery Art Access II Gallery is pleased to feature pastel artist Brian Bean and his whimsical but strangely sophisticated paper bag art. Bean began drawing on grocery bags by circumstance. He remembered that a bag was lying on the kitchen counter, he had a pencil in his hand and a drawing was born. The artist explains, " the good thing about drawing on bags is that if a bag would burst into flame, all I have to do is go back to the store, buy some bananas and ask for the big paper bag. It's like there's an unending supply of the things". Approximately 50 unframed bags will cover the walls of Access II. Bean's art starts with an image percolating up from the "not-thinking" part of his brain. " I don't think that there's a deeper meaning to any of my stuff. I don't think there has to be. Fun deserves more credit than it gets". Exhibitions' Dates & Hours September 16 through October 14, 2011 Gallery Stroll Reception on Friday, September 16 from 6 to 9PM. Art Access Gallery is located at 230 South 500 West, #125 in Salt Lake City. Regular gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 10:00AM to 6:00PM.

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