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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Stonecircle’s 8th Annual Winter Solstice Concert @ Brolly Arts (SLC: Dec 15)

contact:  George Schoemaker 801-918-1258
Brolly Arts Presents
Stonecircle’s 8th Annual Winter Solstice Concert
December 15, 2011, 7:30 pm
Jeanne Wagner Theater, Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
Tickets available through Arttix:  $15 General Admission, $12 Students and Seniors, $18 Day of Show
Experience the magic of the 8th Annual Winter Solstice through the timeless music of Utah's Celtic-fusion band, Stonecircle. Throughout its 17 year career spanning six CD releases, Stonecircle has enchanted sellout crowds throughout the nation with its brand of original and contemporary arrangements of traditional Celtic tunes and ballads. Join them this year and you will be moved by the beauty of their music during this darkest season of the year." 
Every year for the past  8 years, Stonecircle has marked the coming of the light with a singular musical event.  It began simply, with the idea of creating a 'Solstice Suite'.  In the suite, songs and tunes are linked together to create an unbroken mood through music.  Thematically, the music acknowledges the challenges we face in life, represented by the dark and the cold of winter, as well as the seed of transformation that arrives with the coming of the light.  The solstice suite takes up the second half of the show, and audience members are invited to hold their applause as they let the music carry them through this introspective journey.  As the suite initially played to rave reviews for fans, it has become an annual tradition.  Stonecircle invites different artists to join them each year, bringing renewed energy and fresh musical talent to the performance in honor of the solstice theme.  Over the years, guests have included local musician Mark Cantor, past band members Irminsul and Brian Dobson, as well as children of the band: Lena Shoemaker on pennywhistle, Kate Coursey on fiddle, Maura Coursey on flute, and Harrison Baker on Cello.  Now, years later, Maura Coursey returns as a guest vocalist.  In addition, Stonecircle is pleased to introduce its newest member, accordion and keyboard player Steve Keen.
While solstice celebrations are not new, there is a unique personal story behind this solstice event:  George Shoemaker, leader of the band, has seasonal affective disorder.  He struggles with the long dark days of Fall and Winter.  Putting together this musical celebration therefore has a very personal meaning for him. It reminds him that when we are in a difficult or dark place, we can eventually make our way back into the light.  Now his struggle has inspired an offering for Stonecircle fans.  The Solstice Suite reminds us all of the coming of the light, and honors the start of the holiday season with non-denominational reverence.
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