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Friday, June 14, 2013

Justice For Some?: An evening of art and entertainment focusing on issues of discrimination @ Brolly Arts (SLC: June 21)

Justice For Some?: An evening of art and entertainment focusing on issues of discrimination

June 21, 2013
Located at Art Access, 230 South 500 West #125
5:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Part of Gallery Stroll

Salt Lake City, UT-Human Rights violations occur globally in all forms and factions.
Locally we experience many forms of discrimination. Awareness and
knowledge are the first steps in bringing about social change.
With this in mind, Brolly Arts is partnering with Art Access to bring together
a variety of artists and arts organizations to
create and present Justice For Some?.  This multi-disciplinary
project focuses on issues of bullying, gender, protest and discrimination. This evening will include a gallery stroll and performances as well as opportunities for the public to participate. 

The components of Justice For Some? include choreography by Sofia Gorder
and performance by dancers and Westminster College students, the Drum Bus
whose focus is on bullying, a curated exhibit by Terry Mitchell, a gunshot
survivor of racial discrimination, and an interactive installation by the authors of What
I Thought I Saw. Carla Kelley of the Human Rights Education of Utah will
workshop with cast members prior to the event.

Justice For Some? is part of Gallery Stroll.  Performances and participatory events will be staggered throughout the evening so that audience members can experience the many offerings of this program.

About Justice For Some?
Justice For Some? is the evolution of many Justice For Some pilot projects
that have included workshops, community outreach and performance. 2013
Justice For Some? offers a model that is replicable in other settings for
populations and issues. This valuable model can be used to help bring the
awareness and information to a wide array of people, locations, and situations.
The content of the program, workshops, discussions, and movement can be tailored
to suit the needs and interests of the communities being served.

To learn more about this event and its participants visit

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