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Friday, January 27, 2012

Visual Art Institute student performance @ Broadway Theatre: Sat. January 28, 6-8pm

2901 S Highland Drive              
Salt Lake City, UT 84106        
December 6, 2011
concession era
December 12, 2011-January 29, 2012
at Broadway Centre Cinemas
111 E Broadway, SLC, UT
student performance: Sat. January 28, 6-8pm
The Visual Art Institute—a 33 year old non-profit youth art education program—and the Salt Lake Film Society are proud to present Concession Era—an installation created by VAI students from the fall 2011 Installation class.  This semester Installation students (aged 13-17) learned about site-specificity and conceptual development as it applies to creating an installation.  They conducted research, and came up with an idea relevant to the Broadway Centre Cinemas.  Located across from the real concessions counter, their piece re-creates a period-specific (1920s-1930s) concessions stand as an art staging;  they hand-made the candies, popcorn, props, and advertisements out of paper, clay, paint, and graphite that fill cases they designed.  The entire installation—that makes allusions to old film sets and props—has been hand colored in black and white, another reference to film from that period. It also makes an art-historical reference to Pop art of the 1960s concerning themes of consumerism and repetition.
Broadway Centre Cinemas is an official Salt Lake venue for the Sundance Film Festival, and the students will perform a special piece Saturday, January 28 that builds on the installation they have created.  For this performance, they will be selling these art objects from behind the snack bar in silence using text panels to communicate, themselves in character in all black and white clothing and makeup.   They have conceived of archetypal characters from the era of the silent film, and will represent them in a gently satirical manner.  The proceeds from ‘candy’ sales will benefit the Visual Art Institute.  Come see a film and check it out!

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