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Friday, October 29, 2010

Beyond the Literal Exhibit @ St. George Art Museum (St. George: Oct 30 - Jan 8, 2011)

www.sgartmuseum.org , museum@sgcity.org
47 East 200 North, St. George, Utah 84770
Phone: 435.627.4525
Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-5
3rd Thursdays 10-9pm with Art Conversations at 7pm
November 18th & December 16th
Nominal Admission Fees

For Information Contact: Deborah Reeder
New Exhibits:
October 30, 2010 – January 8, 2011

Main Gallery & Mezzanine Galleries
Beyond the Literal: Lynn Berryhill, Noel Logan, Pearl Meadows, Anne Weiler-Brown

Legacy Gallery
Land Beyond Literal: Royden Card

Beyond the Literal…..Land Beyond Literal
Beginning with Ancient Greece, the history of Western painting has been centered primarily on the naturalistic “window onto another world” concept, though in reality it is but a flat surface. Abstract and then non-representational art with no recognizable subject matter has been part of the art lexicon and topography for over a century. Abstract art has its beginnings in the now beloved Impressionist movement with its unfocused views of non political, non religious subject matter centered on just life. Indeed Claude Monet’s late paintings, in the Tuileries in Paris and MOMA in New York, are large, magnificently abstract masterpieces of his adored water lilies.
This type of art came about in order to probe beyond and behind the superficial, rather than appearances. A common saying, “beauty is only skin deep,” referents a belief that it is what lies within, that matters, not what you see or what is on the surface. Artists sought and still seek to render this complex inner life of nature and humanity. Likewise, artists celebrated the two dimensional flat surface of the canvas or other flat material, which indeed it is. The movement titled the German Bauhaus, responsible for the elegant glass cubed sky scraper architecture of Mies Van Der Rohe along with other artists’, motto of “Form Follows Function” means that the function of an object should dictate the design, so that what is depicted on a flat canvas should reflect that.
There are as many approaches, styles, and media as there are artists, just as there is with representational or naturalistic painting. The St. George Art Museum is focusing on abstract art not only to showcase several fine local artists working in this genre, but also to help viewers understand this art better.
Deborah Reeder will present an Art Conversation on this early history. Additionally Royden Card will discuss his exhibit, Land Beyond Literal, all on December 16th at 7pm at the St. George Art Museum.
This exhibit is additionally a historic collaboration with the Dixie State College Sears Art Museum Gallery exhibit on the same theme, A Panel of Women Present: Music for Your Eyes. The artists are Sunny Belliston Taylor, Aimee Bonham, Alisha Celeste Tolman, Cathie McCormick, and LuAnn Williams. A panel discussion with them at the Sears Gallery will take place on January 7, 2011 at 7pm.
The St. George Art Museum’s Beyond the Literal features Lynn Berryhill, W. Noel Logan, Pearl Meadows, and Anne Weiler-Brown in the Main and Mezzanine Galleries.
Lynn Berryhill is a well known non-representational painter, who was a long time resident of Springdale, now residing in Tooele, UT. Her resume features a long list of exhibits, and gallery representation all over the West, work in collections, including the collection of the St. George Art Museum. As well, she is an experienced and sought after teacher around the globe in the area of personal creativity and growth. Her work probes the arena of dreams and interior states with rich saturated colors in varying paint thicknesses. They are moving, trancelike, vibrant, focused, visual poems.
W. Noel Logan of Toquerville, UT is the sole sculptor of the four artists. With an exceptional education that includes degrees not only in art, but archaeology and art history, he brings much experience to his unique metal sculptures that are forged in the shaving, smoke and process of creation. His aim is to explore the elements of pure design and space itself. Line, design, and metal materials join to encounter and engage the empty space.
Pearl Meadows, a resident of Springdale, UT, has a favorite quote by Marc Chagall, “Great art picks up where nature ends.” Pearl’s art often explores a single hue on a canvas through geometric brushstrokes, sometimes small, sometimes larger, less often with circular forms. After a decade of working in photography, she began to paint in 2004. In 2008 she also began to work in metals. Her paintings conjure up or allude to natural forms but reduce them to a refined essence of the inspiration. Her coloristic mastery creates depth.
Anne Weiler-Brown describes herself as an abstract expressionist artist. Her paintings are richly textured with palpable shapes that evoke the landscape next to where she lives on the Virgin River in Rockville. In addition to her painting, Anne has an impressive history of fundraising, organizing, and coordinating for organizations. An avid animal lover, her raw deep sculptural canvases take us into a primordial natural space.
An Art Conversation with these artists will take place on November 18th at 7pm at the St. George Art Museum.
The Legacy Gallery features, Land Beyond Literal, with paintings by Royden Card of Virgin, UT. His best known work consists of recognizable landscape forms remade and recreated into a new abstracted land of vibrant color. Though Card is less well known for his fine series of woodcuts of Zion National Park, in addition to a sequence of paintings that explore architectural doorways with raking angles in rich colors, they are both impressive series of paintings.
All of these artists are multi-talented individuals. While their work is abstract and/or non-representational, their art is a kaleidoscope of color and design evocative of the unseen, an extremely important part of our world.

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