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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

PitchNic @ Spy Hop (SLC: Nov 11)

Spy Hop Presents:
Pitchnic World Premier 2010
Featuring 4 New Student Films

Thurs Nov 11 | 7:30 - 9:30 pm @ Rose Wagner (138 W Broadway)
Tickets $6.50 | Available @ arttix.org or 801/355/ARTS | more info @ spyhop.org

The Spy Hop PitchNic program was conceived in 2001 as an innovative way of uniting talented and passionate young filmmakers with real production resources. An intense year-long workshop, PitchNic allows experienced student filmmakers access to the funds, equipment, and professional mentorship needed to create top-caliber films. Twelve young people are chosen to participate each year, creating two documentaries and two narratives in smaller groups. All the films are screened together at private and public premieres following production wrap.
Read what Salt Lake blogger Les Roka had to say about the last year's PitchNic World Premiere:

"The late Stanley Kubrick once compared aspects of filmmaking to athletic competition: 'You can start with a game plan but depending on where the ball bounces and where the other side happens to be, opportunities and problems arise which can only be effectively dealt with at that very moment.' With the help of their Spy Hop Production mentors, the ten young PitchNic film directors discovered the accidents that usurped their original game plans actually helped them understand precisely what Kubrick explained." - Les Roka
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