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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Utah Historical Quarterly:

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For Immediate Release
April 2, 2012

Alycia Aldrich
Utah State History
(801) 533-3556 or aaldrich@utah.gov
Geoffrey Fattah
Communications Director
Utah Department of Community and Culture
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New Utah Historical Quarterly:
  How Dixie College Fought for its Life

The Utah Historical Quarterly has been publishing Utah history since 1928.  As with hundreds of issues before it, the Spring 2012 issue opens the door to significant but little-known aspects of Utah’s heritage.  
In one article, Scott Esplin narrates a story laced with community passions, politics, alliances, rivalry, and a fierce love for education. It’s the story of how, in the 1930s, Dixie College teetered on the edge of extinction.  At that time the LDS church, owner of the college, had decided to close it down. However, instead of meekly going along, supporters managed to stick by their guns despite pressure from the church and opposition from its rival college in Cedar City. They cobbled together a coalition and solution that ended with the state agreeing to take on the college—in the midst of the Great Depression, no less.

As Esplin writes, the story “reflects a significant change in relationships between the LDS church and its people.” In addition, it’s “a fascinating window into the character of southern Utah’s citizens and the transformations that occurred within Utah society during the early twentieth century.”

This issue of UHQ also offers articles on the earliest federal/local disputes over land issues, the experiences of soldiers in foreign wars (the Spanish-American and Philippine-American wars), and the “intrigues” of President Buchanan as he sought to acquire Cuba (and yes, this story does involve Utah). Readers can also find reviews of two new books on the vanished artist-wanderer Everett Ruess, a book on the history and politics of western mustangs, a biography of the controversial author Maurine Whipple, and more.

The Utah Historical Quarterly is available in libraries statewide and as a benefit of membership in the Utah State Historical Society.  For membership information, or for more information about the journal, call 801-533-3517 or see http://history.utah.gov.

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State History serves the citizens of Utah by helping to make history accessible, exciting, and relevant—and integral to the economy and culture of the state. State History is a division of the Utah Department of Community and Culture (www.community.utah.gov)

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