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Thursday, April 26, 2012

When Birds of a Feather MURDER Together @ Davis County Events Center (Farmington:May 17-21)

“When Birds of a Feather MURDER Together”

The 14th annual Great Salt Lake Bird Festival May 17-21, 2012 explores this very question.

One crow by itself is nothing to worry about, but a group of crows is a MURDER!  And a group of their larger cousins, the ravens, while not so sinister is known as an UNKINDNESS.  Do you know bird group names and how the names originated?  For example, can you guess why a group of Mourning Doves might be called a PITYING?  How about this, do you know the difference between a SKEIN of geese and a GAGGLE of geese?  Which group of birds would you feel most secure being with (a group of ducks is a SAFE)?  What group of birds would get you in hot water (a KETTLE is a group of flying hawks).  Hey, did you hear what those starlings were saying about you (a MURMURATION of starlings)!  Can you guess which species these bird group names belong to: herd, fling, charm, host?  If you really want to impress your fellow birders (or bore your non-birder friends to tears – that’s what they get for being non-birders), find out the answers to these questions and more as Dr. Frank Howe from Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, investigates some of the beautiful, mysterious, and perplexing collective nouns ascribed to birds.

 If you are a serious bird nerd or a serious word nerd, this is the free workshop you want to be in (and that would be a HERD of nerds).

Enjoy all of the free and ticketed activities for youth and families at Great Salt Lake Bird Festival. This free workshop is Saturday May 19th at 2 pm, presenter is Dr. Frank Howe

Davis County Events Center, 151 South 1100 West, Farmington
Keynote Speaker for the Dutch oven dinner is Greg Miller, the real-life birder portrayed by Jack Black in the recent movie, ‘The Big Year’.  Tickets available on-line.
See complete schedule at www.GreatSaltLakeBirdFest.com

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