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Thursday, April 26, 2012

UNA 2012 Nonprofit Salary Survey (Deadline: April 30)

2012 Nonprofit Salary Survey

The 2012 Salary Survey is still live (thru April 30) and your participation is vital.
If you've already completed the survey Thank you!

If you haven't please help make this year’s the most robust ever! Register to take the survey here: www.columbiabooks.com/statesalarysurvey

Why your participation is crucial! 
  • Advocacy - This data will be used to fuel Utah Nonprofits Association’s advocacy and public education work on behalf of all nonprofits.  With your help, we can fight pervasive misconceptions about non-profit compensation and inform better public policy decisions.
  • Management Tool - Current data about compensation among organizations in your field and budget size will help you in your efforts to hire and retain quality employees. 
  • IRS Compliance - Executive level salaries are coming under increasing scrutiny from the IRS for compliance with regulations that prohibit excessive compensation.  Organizations need to be able to show that their compensation levels are "reasonable." Comparables such as the data contained in reports from nonprofit salary surveys can help an organization demonstrate good faith efforts to comply with IRS regulations.  
  • Savings - If you complete the survey, you can receive the final report at a discount off the retail price, (or FREE for UNA members.  Not a member yet? Join today.)
Please register and take the survey before April 30th.
Registration requires 2 steps:
(1)   Register at this page: www.columbiabooks.com/statesalarysurvey; (UNA Members who take the survey will automatically receive a copy of the report at no cost - a $150 value, Nonmembers will have the option to join UNA or purchase the report at the participant rate of $75). Once registered, you will receive a user name and passcode and a link to the survey via email within 24 hours from Columbia Books.  
(2)   Follow that link, use your ID and Code, which will keep your nonprofit’s responses confidential, and allow you to log in and out to complete the survey in more than one session if you choose. In June, when the report is available, you will either receive a free copy of the report (members who take the survey) or an opportunity to purchase it at a discount (non-members).

You can find more information at the UNA website and in our FAQs.  Please contact me with any questions. Thank you in advance for your participation in this important survey. 

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