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Monday, October 15, 2012

Art Access October Gallery Stroll (SLC: Oct 19-Nov9)

Art Access Features the Works of Waldo Kidd, Paula Kaye Rudd and Daren Young.

Art Access Gallery is pleased to present Icons and Relics:  The places where we live and work, paintings by Waldo Kidd; and urban photographs by Paula Kaye Rudd.

Waldo Kidd is a mostly self-taught painter who credits his experience with carpentry and understanding of architecture for his natural ability to understand color, perspective and proportion. Salt Lake residents will readily identify many of the buildings depicted in Kidd's paintings - the ones we pass to and from work. "Restaurants, grocery stores and manufacturing centers tell us a lot about who we are, where and how we live. I wanted to create a sympathetic archive of these places and to pay tribute to them," says Kidd.

Photographer Paula Kaye Rudd also finds inspiration in Salt Lake's urban lanscape. She is particularly drawn to imagery where she finds the juxtaposition of man-made objects and nature. Mostly taken from a bird's eye view, her photographs often include such contrasting visuals as rooftops, smoke stacks and construction machinery set against a backdrop of snowcapped mountains, instense sunsets and grey storm clouds.

In Access II Gallery, Art Access is pleased to feature Child’s Play, an exhibit of artist Daren Young's newest work. Young describes the series as allegorical illustrations that portray the childish way we often behave in our adult relationships. "I depicted a variety of children at play as surrogates for adults behaving childishly," says Young. For this collection of work, Young employed an illustrative style that resembles images most traditionally used in children's story books.

All three exhibits open on October 19th for the Salt Lake Gallery Stroll, and run through November 9. An artists' reception will be held during Gallery Stroll from 6 to 9 p.m.
For more information, please contact Jackelin Slack at 801-328-0703, option 6.

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