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Monday, October 15, 2012

SUU'S Art Insights Feature Dr. Wu Bing (Cedar City, Utah - Oct 18)

WHAT:  The delicate art of flower-and-bird painting studies in the Chinese tradition will be the subject of Dr. Wu Bing’s presentation for SUU’s Department of Art and Design’s insightful weekly lecture series, Art Insights.
WHO: Art Insights, Southern Utah University, Department of Art and Design
WHEN: Thursday October 18, 2012
TIME: 7:00pm
WHERE: Gilbert Great Hall, Hunter Conference Center, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
TICKETS: Phone: Arts Hotline: (435) 865-8800 or visit: www.suu.edu/arts
PRICES: Free and the General Public is encouraged to attend.

OCTOBER 18, 2012

Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah: The delicate art of flower-and-bird painting studies in the Chinese tradition will be the subject of Dr. Wu Bing’s presentation for SUU’s Department of Art and Design’s insightful weekly lecture series, Art Insights, on Thursday October 18th, 2012. The lecture begins at 7pm in the Gilbert Great Hall, Hunter Conference Center. Admission is free and the general public is encouraged to attend.

Dr. Wu Bing graduated from the China Academy of Art in 2008 and earned his doctorate in flower-and-bird painting studies. He is a member of The Chinese Artists Association and Committee of Youth Federation of the Ministry of Culture and associate professor at Renmin University of China, Department of Arts.

With extensive drawing themes and artistic conception, Dr. Bing is adroit at fine brushwork painting and half freehand brushwork on flower-and-bird painting. Meticulously painted and quaintly depicted, his fine-brushwork paintings of reeds and geese are the most representative of all his works. Those works have not only inherited the charm of the freehand brushwork painting during Ming and Qing Dynasties, but have also absorbed the cream of the Imperial Court Decorative Painting of the Northern and Southern Song dynasties. Especially in the paintings of geese flying with whirling reed catkins, the meticulous and exquisite brushwork proves his unique style that distinguishes Dr. Wu from other artists past and present.

Among his half freehand brushwork paintings, a serialized work of quails, chrysanthemum and Ay Tsao are especially well received in the artistic circle. And in recent years, Dr. Wu has made bold attempts to display the theme of ethnic minorities in the form of flower-and-bird painting, and has successfully produced a number of paintings on the enchanting grasslands.

His paintings have been displayed in the eighth, ninth and tenth National Fine Arts Exhibition, the second National Flower-and-Bird Painting Exhibition, the sixth National Sports Fine Arts Exhibition as well as the Second Fine Art Golden Color Prize of China. Furthermore, his works have won the Excellence Awards in the second National Chinese Painting Exhibition, the second National Ethnic Minorities Painting Exhibition, the New Century National Chinese Painting Exhibition and the 50th anniversary of the National Day Painting Exhibition. Dr. Wu also took part in the first, second and third Member Exhibition of Chinese National Artists' Association and attended the Fine Art Doctors' Art Intercourse Exhibition of Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits, the Commemoration of Guo Weiqu' s Centenary and National Famous Artists in Flowers-and-Birds Painting Nomination Exhibition .

His The Spring of Peace (co-author) is collected by The Shanghai Cooperation Organization; Fine Brushwork about Flower-and-Bird is collected by Taiwan's legislature; Bird was collected by Taipei Palace Museum. He has also edited and published over ten books and portfolios, including Yearbook about the Masters of Chinese painting, 2006, Wu Bing, Collected Works of Wu Bing's Fine Brushwork about Flower-and-Bird, The History of Chinese Fine Arts, and Calligraphists and Painters of Today's China.

Art Insights is a weekly program hosted during the fall and spring semesters by SUU’s Art and Design faculty. Students and community members meet weekly to experience presentations and discussions by visiting artists and art educators from around the nation who share their work and insights and attend gallery openings. Admission is free, and the general public is invited to attend.
Take a remarkable journey into the world of Chinese flower-and-bird painting by attending Dr. Wu Bing’s Art Insights presentation. For more information on the SUU College of Performing and Visual Arts events, please call the Arts Hotline at (435) 865-8800, or visit www.suu.edu/arts.

The Southern Utah University College of Performing and Visual Arts is comprised of nationally accredited departments of Art and Design, Music, Theatre Arts and Dance, as well as a Center for Shakespeare Studies and a graduate program in Arts Administration. The College offers 16 different degree areas, including liberal arts Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science degrees; professional Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Fine Arts in art and theatre degrees; and a Master of Fine Arts in Arts Administration degree.  The Center for Shakespeare Studies offers a minor in Shakespeare Studies. More than 60 full- and part-time faculty and staff are engaged in teaching and mentoring over 550 majors in the College. Over 1100 students enroll each year in over 195 arts classes on the SUU campus. The College presents 100 performances, lectures, presentations, and exhibitions each year.  The College’s affiliate organizations include the Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, American Folk Ballet, Utah Shakespeare Festival, and the SUU Ballroom Dance Company. For more information about the College of Performing and Visual Arts, contact the Office of the Dean (435) 865-8561, or by e-mail at cpvamktg@suu.edu.

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