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Friday, October 19, 2012

Candidate Survey on the Arts Results - Election 2012

For many voters in Utah, the arts, humanities, and culture are an important issue in this election!

The Utah Cultural Alliance recently asked all elected officials in Utah to tell us their positions on the arts, culture, and the humanities. We asked them:

  1. Their experience and interest in the arts
  2. What sorts of arts activities they had attended, supported, or participated in, during the last year
  3. If they supported state investment in tourism to encourage signature arts and cultural events
  4. To rate how important they feel exposure to arts and culture is for Utah’s school children
  5. And, what was their favorite arts activity in the last year
The results are in! We will continue to update this link as candidates put in their answers. Please note that a number of candidates filled out the survey anonymously.

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