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Monday, October 8, 2012

Utah Arts Alliance Gallery Welcomes Artists Rachael Domingo and Brittney Johnson (Salt Lake City, October 19)

The Utah Arts Alliance Gallery will be hosting an artists reception for Rachael Domingo and Brittney Johnson during the Gallery Stroll on October 19th, 2012 from 6pm until 9pm. Rachael will be showing her eerily elegant paintings with a few of her fashion designs while Brittney will be showcasing her ?monsters? at the Gallery until mid-November.

Rachael Domingo?s professional career has included work with wardrobe and set departments. She is continuously furthering her freelance career as a Fine Artist, Costume/Fashion Designer/Stylist among other projects.

Born into a family of sculptors, musicians, writers and seamstresses, Rachael Domingo?s vivacious love and understanding of the creative process was cultivated at a very young age. ?My work is always reaching for the highest level of impact within the given context. I believe to do this you must in some way tell the truth, which is always mysterious and vexing in a way.        When I paint I feel most transparent and vulnerable. It is sometimes a painful process that requires me to slip out of my thick skin so to speak. It is very much like becoming a child again and wearing your heart on your sleeve.?

Brittney Johnson is a young artist that has studied as a sculptor, but is partial to drawing and painting. Past shows have featured her monsters sculptures. The monsters do not follow a consistent line as far as materials; anything may be used including wood, metal, plastics and fuzzy faux fur. People are drawn to the odd creatures that emerge from Brittney?s imagination and often want to take them home!

If you would like more information regarding the Utah Arts Alliance Gallery, Rachael Domingo, or Brittney Johnson visit us at Utah Arts Alliance Gallery .

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