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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Classical Greek Theatre Festival Production: Oedipus the King @ WEBER STATE UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY (9/25)

WHAT: Classical Greek Threatre Festival Production: Oedipus the King
WHERE: Wildcat Theatre, Shepherd Union Building
6:30 free informance lecture in the Fireplace Lounge (adjacent to the theatre)
7:30 Oedipus the King
WSU Department of History presents the 43rd Annual Classical Greek Theatre Festival with the production of Sophocles’ “Oedipus the King” at 7:30 pm Wednesday, 25 September, in the Wildcat Theater, Shepherd Union Building. An “Informance” lecture and slide show will be given by Dr. James Svendsen at 6:30 pm in Fireplace Lounge, just around the corner from the Wildcat Theater. 

As many know, the play follows Oedipus’ journey to discover the source of the plague affecting Thebes, the killer of the old king Laius, and the truth of his own identity. He himself causes the discovery as he issues an edict, calls witnesses, listens to prophets and family, and moves inevitably to the truth. We see and hear Oedipus in action, and he is called man, hero, savior, master, and tyrant by the chorus and various characters. In his virtues and his vices, Oedipus embodies characteristics often associated with ancient Athens. In a way, the Athenian audience was watching itself onstage. But the play, like so many Greek tragedies, also tells a universal truth--since we are all concerned with identity, who we are, and how we relate to others and to the

Sandra Shotwell, a Professor of Theater at the University Utah with an expertise and experience in Greek tragedy, will direct a production of Greek tragedy featuring a recent American translation by Marianne McDonald. Spencer Brown of Westminster College will create the set design with costumes by Valerie Nishiguchi, original music by composer Cathy Neff, and choreography by Solange Gomes.

Seating is limited to 220. Tickets are $8/$10 and may be purchased in advance through Dee Events Center Tickets: 1-626-7000 orweberstatetickets.com, or at door beginning at 6:00 pm on the night of the performance.

An excellent study guide is available on line for those who want to be better prepared to see the play.

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