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Tuesday, September 24, 2013


September 20, 2013 (Salt Lake City) –  GREENbike, Salt Lake City’s non-profit bike share program will provide a free day on September 24. The free 24-hour membership to sample GREENbike can be redeemed using the code 123 at any of the 12 downtown stations. Users will still be responsible for usage fees and any damages.

 “We’re seeing unprecedented usage for a system our size. Every GREENbike has been used 350 times since April. Our numbers are higher than larger cities with expansive bike share programs,” said Ben Bolte, GREENbike Director.  “We want downtown workers to use bike share because it’s practical. It’s faster than driving or walking downtown. Going to meetings, lunch with coworkers, or just a couple rides around the block to clear those mid-day cobwebs.”

Salt Lake City’s bike share program was launched in April 2013 with title sponsor Select Health, in partnership with Visit Salt Lake, UTA, Salt Lake City, Redevelopment Agency of SLC and numerous other sponsors. The initial launch included 55 bicycles and ten stations. Due to strong membership sales and user demand, two more stations were added in July, as well as 20 additional bikes. The program is set to expand again next spring.

Bike share programs make high-quality bicycles available in an urban setting for riders to get from point A to point B. Bikes are docked at stations that instantly make them available for other members instead of being chained or tucked away in an office. Shared bikes are either being ridden or are available for someone else. The system benefits visitors, commuters and residents in the downtown area acting as an enhancement to mass transit, such as TRAX and FrontRunner.

Bike share systems are not rentals. Instead the program works through membership that ranges from $5 for 24-hour access to $75 for a year. Bike share allows a member to take any bike from any station, as many times as you want, for 30 minutes at a time for no additional charge. The farthest distance between any two stations is well under a 30 minute trip.  An added benefit is that once the bike is docked at the station, the user is no longer responsible for it: eliminating the need to remember a lock or worry about maintenance. For a limited time, annual members receive a custom “I Bike SLC” helmet with their membership purchase.

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