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Monday, May 24, 2010

Collaborations at Bountiful/Davis Art Center (Bountiful: May 14 - June 18)

Collaborations at Bountiful/Davis Art Center
May 14 – June 18
BOUNTIFUL, Utah, May 16, 2010 –

These artists take us beyond the limits of what we can imagine. Their work inspires rehabilitation and creative expression. Social injustices have been brought to the forefront and artists have bounced ideas off each other resulting in a culmination that often exceeds what each can do separately. These collaborations are a model for positive change and healing.
Emma J. Dugal
Executive Director, Bountiful/Davis Art Center

Walt Hunter, Jesus Silva, Benjamin Davis
Walt Hunter and Jesus Silva, Featured Artists for Bountiful/Davis Summerfest International, combine to call themselves Hunter Hernandez and practice a unique way of artistic expression they call “Dueling Art”. Hunter is a mentor who uses art to inspire troubled young people to change their lives. He and Mr. Silva, a talented artist and former gang member, perform a style of collaborative art wherein each artist participates in the painting. Hunter and Silva were the ‘Featured Artists’ of Summerfest 2008. They did several demonstrations of “Dueling Art” at the festival.

The 2008 Emerging Artist of Summerfest was Benjamin Davis. Benjamin has used art as means of expression since he was very young. Born into a world of silence, he has always been interested in drawing, but through some very talented and encouraging high school teachers he started to learn how to paint. Benjamin has shown remarkable ability in any medium including acrylics, watercolor, colored pencil, charcoal and oil.

During Summerfest 2008 something magical happened. Ben began participating in the “Dueling Art’ process of Walt and Jesus. They found that they had compatible skills and have since worked together often. Benjamin’s soft, dreamy strokes balance the more visceral bold strokes of Walt and Jesus. The unlikely collaboration of these artists has risen above limitations and barriers.

Patrons who came to the opening reception on May 14 were able to participate in ‘Dueling Art’.

Lester B. Lee and Brandi Bixler

Lester B. Lee is a beloved teacher and artist. One of his students at Woods Cross High School is Brandi Bixler who has a form of Down’s Syndrome. Lester began working with Brandi and discovered that they could make art together. He has humbly said that he gets more out of the collaboration than Brandi. He says she has a remarkable gift for color which becomes apparent while viewing the pieces and that she has helped him navigate into the non-objective realm of art. Through his guidance they have been able to produce art that speaks to people in a unique way. In 2009 Lester was the “Featured Artist” and Brandi was the “Emerging Artist” at Summerfest. Every one of their collaborative works sold at the accompanying exhibit at Bountiful/Davis Art Center. Lester B. Lee has a BFA from BYU and in 2006 won the Huntsman award for Excellence in Education.

Brian Kershisnik and Joe Adams

These two artists have been working together in Brian’s Kanosh studio for many years. Sharon Gray, Springville Museum of Art, asked Brian if he would be interested in participating in a show concept called ‘Inclusion’; a collaborative exhibition in 1994. This exhibit paired well known artists with underprivileged and disabled individuals. Brian asked his neighbor Joseph Adams, who has Down’s Syndrome, to be his partner and they produced works of art that have been exhibited throughout Utah and other states. They were chosen to be participating artists in the Cultural Olympiad of the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. Brian says that Joe handles the drawing in their collaborative works. He has a fresh approach that is very literal and naïve adding to the appeal of the collaboration. Kershisnik is one of Utah’s most revered artists. He has a BFA from BYU and is well represented in galleries and collection throughout the country.

Ric and Marcee Blackerby

Marcee and Ric have exhibited several times at Bountiful/Davis Art Center. This collaborative piece demonstrates the innovation and quirkiness of the two artists. Accomplished artists on their own, the Blackerby’s have demonstrated that they can create something of artistic merit together. Marcee has used a wheelchair since she was a child of six but has no problem working on large pieces including the recent collaboration of the two artists ‘Big City Bugs’ which was part of the ‘Flying Objects 2’ public art exhibit presented by the Salt Lake Arts Council and sponsored by the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City.

Bob and Beth Ashdown

Beth Arbuckle Ashdown is a well known visual artist in Bountiful. Her art has been exhibited at Bountiful/Davis Art Center many times and is always featured in the Creative Sources Gift Gallery within the Center. She is mostly known for her watercolors and has been active in arts groups for many years. Working in three-dimensions has stretched her repertoire. She found that she could work with her husband and together come up with something wonderful. BDAC is pleased to feature two married couples in this exhibit whose work portrays the closeness and quality of their relationships. These couples are true collaborators in all aspects of life.

Art was the one place he could shine. His art teachers made it worthwhile for him to go to school.
Carolyn Davis of her son Benjamin

Please note the new hours of Bountiful/Davis Art Center:
Tuesday-Friday: 10:00 am – 6:00 pm
Saturday: 2-5 pm
BDAC is closed on Sunday and Monday (except for Family Encounters of the Art Kind on the third Monday), holidays and in between exhibits.

For more information contact the Bountiful/Davis Art Center, 801 292-0367 or visit us online at www.bdac.org . BDAC is on Facebook and Twitter

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