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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Moving Space Exhibit @ BDAC (Bountiful: May 14 - June 18)

Moving Space at Bountiful/Davis Art Center
May 14 – June 18

No, Bountiful/Davis Art Center is not moving but the current exhibit ‘Moving Space’ is. The three dimensional exhibit creates a different use of the space as there are only a few wall pieces in the sculptural exhibit. With dramatic lighting and placement of the art, a mood is created that draws you into a quiet yet moving space. According to Mike Call, a sculptor who assisted with the exhibit, the title of the exhibit denotes that the three dimensional works actually move the space and invite you to walk around each piece to contemplate its full impact. Many of the patrons who came to the opening reception on May 14 felt an inexplicable emotional response to the exhibit. It is well worth a careful look.

Emma J. Dugal
Executive Director, Bountiful/Davis Art Center

Sculpture by Heidi M. Somsen
This “moving” exhibit features a wide variety of 3-D art from figurative to contemporary works. Utah artists such as Ortho Fairbanks, Beth A. Ashdown, Virgil Oertle, Anne Gregerson, BDAC’s own sculpting instructor, Mike Call, Joshua Toone, Dan Toone, Heidi M. Somsen, Gary Hall, Rod Heiss, Sylvia Ramachandran Skeen, Lone Vilnius, Cordell Taylor, “Doc” Poulson, and Carma Hart Fuller have pieces on display.

An opening reception was held Friday, May 14, 2010 at Bountiful/Davis Art Center, 745 So. Main Street in Bountiful. Mike Call provided a sculpting demo from a live model that evening.

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