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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NEWS: Utah Visual Arts Newsletter

Utah Visual Arts Newsletter
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MAY 10 JUN 14, 2013
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Chelsea Hertford-Taylor, Behind 

Including over forty artists, this exhibit represents a cross-section of a decade at Brigham Young University’s Art Department from the early nineties into the 21st century. Curator Jared Clark explains, "Committing to one genre or medium as an art student is a thing of the past. It can be argued the artists in this show were on the threshold of this paradigm shift in their formative years and felt both the pressure to commit to a way of working (and, therefore, to an identity) and the contrasting new freedom blossoming to shed labels and expectations.”

Alice Gallery
APR 5 JUN 14, 2013

Installation Photo

Mélange presents a snapshot of work from the State of Utah Fine Art Collection. It explores the curious, the legendary, the unknown, and the stories behind an eclectic variety of works. When brought together, the range of paintings, prints, sculptures, and mixed media works, and their wide focus of subject — goblins, political figures, artistic strife, the everyday, metaphorical monsters, and curious reproductions — expose the varied and thorough assortment of works included in the 114 years of the Fine Art Collection’s history. 

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ArtOps is dedicated to bringing visual art opportunities to Utah artists. Opportunities are from local, national and international sources, and include various funding sources, exhibitions, residencies and professional development.

Featured ArtOp

Utah Arts & Museums is currently accepting applications for Arts Project Grants, which enable organizations, both private and non-profit, and groups whose primary mission may or may not be arts-based, to develop and provide arts-based projects to the general public. Applicants may apply for up to $2,000 for arts projects such as festivals, exhibitions, concerts and other innovative public presentations that advance the arts in a community or geographic region. Due May 31st.Click here for more information.
Registration is now open

Featuring six new and re-curated exhibitions, this program provides access to an array of visual arts, nurtures the understanding of diverse art forms and cultures, promotes creativity and encourages cultural activities in local communities. Our exhibits are available to schools, colleges, museums, libraries and cultural centers throughout the entire State. 

This work by Josh Winegar was recently selected by the acquisitions committee for purchase into the State Fine Art Collection. Winegar says, "The base images for the Still Life Series are found photographs originally created with the intent of documenting and memorializing various hunting excursions. After the process of re-capturing and re-printing the photographs, I then paint and draw on the images recontextualizing them in order to explore... the dichotomies of violence & beauty, life & death, and hope & despair. Although this work is cloaked in animal imagery, it is meant to speak more about human than animal nature. It is my hope that they become a more universal allegory for our uncomfortable relationship with nature, as well as relationships with each other and ourselves."


As the title suggests, this serigraph print by Ada Irvine is a colorful and cheerful representation of a cityscape. Irvine enjoyed working in printmaking and serigraphy because she liked the bright saturated colors the medium affords. Irvine was trained and influenced by Anna Campbell Bliss, another artist included in the State Fine Art Collection.


Design by Copper Palate Press

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