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Monday, June 6, 2011

JOB: Artistic Dreictor @ Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts | Closes July 1

Job Description: The Artistic Director is a performing arts/administrative professional and an academic officer responsible for the overall performing arts progress of students. The Artistic Director is responsible for the growth of the performing arts curriculum, management of SPA faculty and the overall operational aspects of the performing arts program at SPA.

In addition, the Artistic Director is responsible for new student recruiting and development/fundraising. She/he manages the student recruitment program and works in conjunction with the Board, PTO, SBO and staff to develop and implement overall fundraising and grant writing programs.


• Masters degree or equivalent work experience in the field of performing arts education
• Prior teaching experience, especially within the performing arts curriculum
• Demonstrated ability to work with faculty, staff, parents and students, developing positive, respectful, constructive, honest relationships
• Demonstrated ability to incorporate parents, students, Board, community and all interested parties into the problem solving and decision making process
• Experience in managing and monitoring corporate and performing arts goals and outcomes
• Demonstrated ability to manage fundraising opportunities
• Demonstrated ability in recruiting support, promoting and motivating growth and change.
How to Apply: Send resume, CV or portfolio to Liz Smith, lizsmith62@hotmail.com
Closing Date: July 1, 2011
Website: http://www.saltlakespa.org/
Contact Name: Robin Hough
Email: robin.hough@yahoo.com

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