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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


GREENbike introduced citywide by March 2013 promoting exercise and clean air
Salt Lake City (April 8, 2013) - Salt Lake City officials and business leaders today launched a bike share system. GREENbike, a partnership between Salt Lake City and SLC Bike Share, a 501c(3) non-profit, opens with 100 bikes and 10 downtown stations.
Bike share programs make high-quality bicycles available in an urban setting for riders to get from point A to point B. Bikes are docked at stations that instantly make them available for other members instead of being chained or tucked away in an office. Shared bikes are either being ridden or are available for someone else. The system benefits visitors, commuters and residents in the downtown area.
Bike share systems are not rentals. Instead the program works through membership that range from $5 for 24-hour access to $75 for a year. Bike share allows a member to take any bike from any station, as many times as you want, for 30 minutes at a time for no additional charge. The farthest distance between any two stations is well under a 30 minute trip.  An added benefit is that once the bike is docked at the station, the user is no longer responsible for it: eliminating the need to remember a lock or worry about maintenance. For a limited time, annual members receive a custom "I Bike SLC" helmet with their membership purchase.
The system features fully automated and solar powered kiosks which act as the station for these "GREENbikes." The program is being presented by title sponsor SelectHealth with additional major sponsorship funding from Rio Tinto | Kennecott , Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake, Utah Transit Authority and Visit Salt Lake.
"SelectHealth is committed to improving the health of our members and the communities we serve," says Patricia Richards, SelectHealth president and CEO. "We´re proud to be part of a program that supports healthy activities and makes exercise fun. Small changes can add up to big benefits in terms of personal health and fitness, as well as improving the environment for everyone.  Bike Share makes it easy to hop on a bike rather than drive."
GREENbikes feature chain guards and fenders to keep dresses and business wear clean, allowing the system to be used for a wide range of potential travelers. Manufactured by Trek, GREENbike is a custom bicycle unique to Salt Lake. Sustainable and healthy lifestyle choices, as well as convenient and cost-effective transportation solutions, mean bicycle travel is very popular in the downtown area. "Bike share adds a convenient, fun and efficient new option for our residents, visitors and downtown commuters to enjoy and get around our downtown area," said Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker. "It also represents a fantastic example of a public/private partnership model, connecting City government with non-profit advocacy groups like Downtown Alliance and local private corporations to achieve funding goals. I look forward to this being the first step in a system that has the potential to grow not just citywide, but throughout the region." 
The 501c3 non-profit SLC Bike Share program will provide a public transit enhancement for the last mile of a trip as well providing a network users can use to run errands or travel to points of interest and businesses. Stations will be placed at strategic locations around Salt Lake City to create a network of zero emission transportation opportunities. Additionally, bicycle travel helps reduce traffic congestion and improves air quality.
"We are proud to sponsor the SLC Bike Share program because it aligns with our commitment to sustainable development," said Kelly Sanders, president and CEO, Kennecott Utah Copper. "Cleaning-up air quality in the Salt Lake Valley is important.  The SLC Bike share program is an opportunity for us to partner with the community to improve air quality."

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  2. For those wondering about Greenbike, I think it's great. If you live or work downtown there is no better way to get around. I definitely recommend it.

    Pat Volz | cesr.com