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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jazz @ Jazz at the Station (Aug 14 7pm)

WHO: Weber State University Department of Performing Arts 
and Ogden´s Union Station Foundation

WHAT: Jazz at the Station with Ginger Bess Simons and Company

WHEN: Wednesday, 14 August 2013 o 7:00 pm

WHERE: Grand Lobby, Union Station, 2501 Wall Avenue in Ogden

Ogden's Union Station Foundation and Weber State University Department of Performing Arts presents the next Jazz at the Station the second Wednesday of the month, 14 August, 7pm at Ogden's Union Station. This is a free performance. Well-behaved children are welcome. 

The featured artist is vocalist Ginger Bess Simons performing 
some sassy and swinging jazz standards with her company of friends: Nicholas Maughan, keyboard; Sam Runolfson; bass/cello; and Benjamin Jennings.

Simons is a WSU Musical Theatre graduate as well as a current vocal instructor at Weber.  Since graduating she has been constantly at work in theatre productions or club acts she organizes around a theme. Her next big musical review, "The Golden Age of Jazz with Ginger Bess," will be presented at the Grand Theatre September 19-21. She is noted for her skilled interpretation of whatever song or style she is performing. She is also a founding member of Dark Horse Theatre Company.

Maughan and Runolfson are both members of the award winning Tria Fata as WSU students and are also known for their solo work and performances with other northern Utah ensembles. Maughan recently performed a one-man theatre memoire at Ogden's Good Company Theatre, revealing HIS own theatrical abilities. Jennings, co-producer of Jazz at the Station, can be seen regularly in jazz ensembles as a bassist, drummer or vocalist. You can expect an especially theatre evening of jazz at the August Jazz at the Station.

Jazz at the Station provides an all-ages venue for jazz fans and students. Well behaved children are welcome to attend as long as they do not disturb the performers or members of the audience. 

For more information about this program, contact Caril Jennings crjennings@weber.edu.

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