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Monday, August 5, 2013

NEWS: GREENbike expands with two new stations to meet increased Bike Share customer demand.

High customer demand leads to expansion: two new locations and added docks at existing stations

Salt Lake City (July 30, 2013) –Salt Lake City’s non-profit bike share program, GREENbike, has surpassed initial user projections leading to the systems first major expansion, less than four month since its launch.  Two new stations will be installed on Tuesday, July 30 to meet growing customer demand, as well as the expansion of several popular existing locations, to handle an increased number of bikes. GREENbike, a partnership between Salt Lake City, the Downtown Alliance and other strategic partners, opened with 10 downtown stations in April. In only 130 days, each GREENbike has been used 270 times.

A new solar-powered station will be located at the Radisson Hotel, located at 215 W South Temple and a second station will also be added at 300 S and 160 E. The Radisson station is expected to be popular with convention attendees and the installation is timed to meet the needs of the city’s largest trade show: Outdoor Retailer, scheduled to begin Wednesday.  “We’re proud to be the first hotel in Salt Lake to have a GREENbike station,” said James Courtney, General Manager of the Salt Lake City Radisson. “This guest amenity, plus our convenient connection to the Airport TRAX line, allows our customers to skip the environmental costs of vehicle emissions and enjoy fresher air as they get a little exercise.” Based on initial data, roughly one-third of all GREENbike uses are from out of state visitors. Salt Lake County residents comprise an additional 33 percent, with the remaining users spread throughout the Wasatch Front.

Five of the stations that see the highest usage amongst bike share members will be expanded. UTA’s Intermodal Hub station, which ties mass transit options TRAX and FrontRunner, as well as buses to GREENbike, will double in size. "Bike Share works in conjunction with light rail, bus, and Frontrunner service so riders have an option for the first or last mile of their trips,” explained Stan Penfold, RDA Chair. “Demand for the Bike Share program has been great, and expansion of these transit-focused stations will further enhance connections downtown. Bike Share is a wise investment in Salt Lake City.” A survey showed that 86% of locals strongly agree that the GREENbike program is an enhancement to Salt Lake City's public transportation system. Due to the availability of a bike share system, 29% of respondents ride public transit more often, resulting in improved air quality and reduced traffic congestion.

Additionally, the Key Bank station, near City Creek Center, will have several docks added.  “Downtown shoppers have discovered the Greenbikes.  They have quickly become a part of the City Creek Center experience. I see them everywhere! We are thrilled to see more bikes available at the Key Bank station on our blocks and at new stations around the city,” said Linda Wardell, General Manager, City Creek Center. Squatters, Exchange Place and Rocky Mountain Power stations will also be expanded this week.

Bike share programs make high-quality bicycles available in an urban setting for riders to get from point A to point B. Bikes are docked at stations that instantly make them available for other members instead of being chained or tucked away in an office. Shared bikes are either being ridden or are available for someone else. The system benefits visitors, commuters and residents in the downtown area.

Bike share systems are not rentals. Instead the program works through membership that range from $5 for 24-hour access to $75 for a year. Bike share allows a member to take any bike from any station, as many times as you want, for 30 minutes at a time for no additional charge. The farthest distance between any two stations is well under a 30 minute trip.  An added benefit is that once the bike is docked at the station, the user is no longer responsible for it: eliminating the need to remember a lock or worry about maintenance. For a limited time, annual members receive a custom “I Bike SLC” helmet with their membership purchase.

Annual Members also receive an online profile that keeps track of the number of calories burned, distance traveled and how many lbs of toxic pollutants weren’t released into our air. Additionally, annual members are provided with an RFID card that lets you tap the dock of your choosing to release your GREENbike. The GREENbike Membership Card works in over a dozen cities across the country.

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Ben Bolte, SLC Bike Share Director.

New Station Locations:
Raddison Hotel, Salt Lake City
300 S, 160 E

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