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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Open House on Performing Arts Center (SLC: DEC 5)

Open House on Performing Arts Center       
 Both ‘virtual’ and City Hall discussion scheduled on UPAC

The Salt Lake City Council and Mayor Ralph Becker’s office have scheduled two “open house” discussions, one online and one at City Hall, on the proposed Utah Performing Arts Center (UPAC). The public is invited to participate in-person from 5:00 to 6:30 pm on Monday, December 5 in Room 326 at the Salt Lake City & County Building, 451 south State Street, or virtually by visiting at any time the City’s digital on-line forum, Open City Hall.

Council and Mayoral staff will be on-hand to answer questions about the UPAC project at the Dec. 5 open house at City Hall. Hard copies of nearly a dozen studies on the concept of a performing arts center in Salt Lake City will also be available at that event. 

Participants in the digital Open City Hall conversation will find direct email links to submit questions.  Links to UPAC studies will also be posted at Open City Hall and at the UPAC page. Video links to the Council meeting discussions on the project and a list of frequently asked questions are also available for review on Open City Hall.

Both opportunities follow the Council’s Nov. 22 public hearing on the UPAC proposal and more than three years of public vetting conducted by the Mayor’s office. Formal consideration on design funding for UPAC is scheduled for Dec.6 (see Nov. 22 agenda w/UPAC items here).  Other ways to comment on the proposals are listed below
P.O. BOX 145474, SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 84114-5474
TEL  801-535-7704   FAX  801-535-6331

City Hall Open House
WHO:          City Staff from Council and Mayor’s Office     
WHAT:       Open House on UPAC
WHEN:       Dec. 5,  5-6:30 pm
WHERE:    City & County Building, 451 South State Street 

City Hall ‘Virtual’ Open House
WHO:            City Staff from Council and Mayor’s Office
WHAT:         “Virtual” Open House on UPAC
WHEN:          now
WHERE:       http://www.slcgov.com/opencityhall   see topic:  Utah Performing Arts Center 

How Else Do I Voice My Opinion?
There are many ways that you can participate in the decision process:
1.       Call, email or send a letter to the City Council.
2.       Attend the Council meetings.
All comments provided in the “Open City Hall” discussion forum, as well as those sent directly to Council, will be sent to City leaders for their consideration.
Here are other ways to provide comments to the City Council:
Write: Salt Lake City Council
451 S. State Street, Room 304
P.O. Box 145476
Salt Lake City, UT 84114-5476

Phone: (801) 535-7600
Fax: (801) 535-7651
24- Hr Comment Line: (801) 535-7654

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