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Monday, February 28, 2011

March @ SLC Film Center (SLC)

xSpecial Guests of the SLC Film Center
March 20 – The City Library 2:00 PM. An afternoon with Christy Turlington and her film NO WOMAN NO CRY, will share the powerful stories of at-risk pregnant women in four parts of the world, including a remote Maasai tribe in Tanzania, a slum of Bangladesh, a post-abortion care ward in Guatemala, and a prenatal clinic in the United States.
Christy will participate in a post screening discussion.
Presented in partnership with Planned Parenthood of Utah.

An evening with Michael Ondaatje
March 30 – The City Library 7:00 PM. Michael will discuss with the audience the process of translating his novel THE ENGLISH PATIENT into a major studio film.

Full details announced at launch event on March 5

April 13 – Westminster College 8:00 PM. An Evening with Tiffany Shlain and her film CONNECTED, between texts and tweets, memes and microchips, we’ve become great at breaking the world down into byte-sized bits. In the process we’ve stopped seeing the forest for the trees, never mind the root system that connects them all
Tiffany will participate in a post screening Q&A

April 26 – The City Library 7:00 PM. An evening with Peter Byck and his film CARBON NATION, An optimistic (and witty) discovery of what people are already doing, what we as a nation could be doing and what the world needs to do to prevent (or at least slow down) the impending climate crisis.
Peter will participate in a post screening discussion.

April 11 – The Tower Theater 7:00 PM. An evening with Lydia Nibley and her film TWO SPIRITS, this film explores the cultural context behind the tragic and senseless murder of 16-year old Fred Martinez, a Navajo youth who was part of an honored Navajo tradition - the 'nadleeh', or 'two-spirit', who possesses a balance of masculine and feminine traits.

Lydia will participate in a post screening discussion.

Regular Schedule

Shortlisted Shorts – Three short films from the 2010 Academy Award Doc Shortlist
March 1 – The City Library 7:00 PM.
Directed by Cynthia Wade
A boy comes of age in rural Cambodia while struggling with arsenic poisoning and dreaming of becoming a karaoke star.
Directed by Jed Rothstein
Follows Ashraf Al-Khaled, whose wedding day was marred by an Al-Queda suicide bomber, as he speaks with victims and perpetrators to expose the true cost of terrorism.
Directed by Jennifer Stoddart
Tells the story of the thousands of people who lined the route as Robert F. Kennedy’s body made it way from New York City to Washington – which provides an extraordinary portrait of American in the 1960s.

THE LAST MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN: Clips & conversation with Jennifer Jordan
March 8 – The City Library 7:00 PM

In 1939 K2 claimed its first victim. Born into vast wealth yet unwilling to settle for merely a life of leisure, Dudley Wolfe, of Boston and Maine, set out to become the first man to climb the world’s second-highest mountain. After two months on the mountain and suffering from altitude sickness and severe dehydration, he was abandoned at nearly 25,000 feet; it would be another sixty-three years before writer-filmmaker Jennifer Jordan discovered his remains. In a story where “The Great Gatsby” meets “Into Thin Air,” Jordan brings Wolfe and the infamous 1939 American K2 expedition to life through rare 16mm footage and photographs from the expedition and has entertained full houses from Boston, New York, and Washington to LA, Portland, and Seattle, including the Explorers Club in NY, Boston's Museum of Science, and the National Geographic headquarters in Washington DC. Her second book, LAST MAN ON THE MOUNTAIN, details Wolfe's life from birth to his grueling death on the uppermost reaches of K2. It recently won the coveted National Outdoor Book Award.

March 11 – Salt Lake Art Center 7:00 PM

Zel is a fortune teller. She lives and works in an old house at the edge of the woods. The house is crowded with ghosts (including a priest, a bride, a mute child, some washed up vaudevillians and a noisy, sight-impaired group of musicians among others) that have been there for as long as she can remember. When a mysterious light appears in the woods the ghosts realize that they are trapped and begin to rebel. Zel is forced to come to terms with the origins of these spirits and letting go of the only family she has ever known.

Download two free songs from the film performed CALIFONE, who provide the score and play the role of the blind band. http://funeralsingersfilm.com/

March 14 – The Tower Theatre 7:00 PM

Beautiful young Daisy feels stuck working as a shopgirl by day and caring for her ailing mother by night. A suicide gone wrong leaves Daisy wrongly imprisoned, while the neighbor whose testimony put her away struggles with guilt. A tongue-in-cheek homage to 1950s women-in-prison films.

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