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Monday, February 7, 2011

Utah Calligraphic Arists Exhibit @ Covey Center for the Arts (Provo: Feb 4 - March 24)

Contact Information:

For Immediate Release
Danae Friel
Covey Center for the Arts
(801) 852-7012
425 W. Center St. Provo, UT 84601

(Provo, UT) “Penmanship is dying in America.”

How many times have you heard that from your mother's lips? Your
teacher's lips? Or maybe you've even said it yourself.

The Utah Calligraphic Artists will show their efforts to keep the art
alive through an exhibit called “Eclectic Letters” at the Covey Center
for the Arts, opening Friday, Feb. 4 and running until Thursday, March

The exhibit shows a variety of different calligraphic lettering
styles, from Roman, Italic, uncial, bookhand and neumand, according to
exhibit chairperson, Louona Tanner.

Tanner said that although calligraphy was the mainstay of handwriting
during the Renaissance era, there have also been numerous styles
developed in more contemporary times, which will also be displayed in
the Covey exhibit.

“Some of the more modern techniques even border on modern art,” Tanner
said. “Because of the repetitions the letter forms create.”

Tanner said the exhibit will also include six handmade books, which
will feature the calligraphers' art.

Tanner said she was very excited about this exhibit.

“We keep track of all the calligraphers in the state,” she said. “[The
Covey] is getting the best of the best. Many of the members of the
guild attend international conventions.”

One of the reasons for the exhibit, Tanner said, is to encourage
others to become involved in calligraphy.

“We invite people to come and join us,” she said. “The best way to
learn it is to be a part of the guild.”

“Utah Calligraphic Artists (UCA) is a non-profit organization for
calligraphers of all skills,” Tanner said in an email. “Joining UCA is
a great way to surround yourself with others who share your interest
and who will provide support and encouragement of your calligraphic

UCA currently has more than 100 members from Utah and Idaho and
regularly holds meetings between Jan. and June, as well as Sept.
through Dec., inviting world-renowned calligraphers to do workshops
with guild members. More information about the guild can be found both
at the exhibit at the Covey and at www.utahcalligraphicartists.com.

To view the exhibit, visit the Covey Center, located at 425 W. Center
St. Provo. Normal operating hours are Monday through Thursday.10 a.m.
till 6 p.m., and Friday, 10 a.m. till 2 p.m. The gallery is also open
during any evening performance at the Covey Center.


The Covey Center for the Arts is Provo's quintessential venue for the
fine arts, offering two art galleries, three dance studios, one small
black box theatre, and a 670- seat state- of- the- art performance
hall. Housed in a beautiful building of 42,000 square feet, the
performance hall features a first-class sound system, a 75- foot fly
system, a full theatrical lighting system and a full orchestra pit.
And to enhance audience members' experience, no seat is more than a
measly 60 feet away from the stage. The Covey Center been honored to
host world- renowned guest artists on their main stage, including
Rockapella, The Beach Boys and STOMP. The Covey Center opened in 2007
and has continually served both local and national artists since.

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