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Friday, April 1, 2011

Chamber Orchestra Ogden @ WSU (Ogden: April 23)

Who: Chamber Orchestra Ogden
What: Inaugural Concert
When: Saturday, April 23, 7:30 pm
Where: Browning Theater, Ogden’s Union Station
Tickets: Free, children 8 years and older are welcome

There is a new professional orchestra coming to town, and it’s Chamber Orchestra Ogden. The COO is the brainchild of many WSU orchestra alumni who have been looking for a high quality musical experience, and Michael Palumbo, Director of Orchestral Studies at WSU. Their first concert is Saturday, April 23, 7:30 pm, in the Browning Theater, Ogden’s Union Station.

The orchestra is not formally affiliated with WSU, but is rather an orchestra belonging to Ogden and the surrounding cities. Its membership includes highly skilled graduates of the WSU music program, and other professional level orchestra musicians from Weber County and beyond. The goal is simple; make a great musical experience for everyone in a friendly and informal atmosphere.

Thanks to the efforts of Peter Barrera, Downtown Ogden, Inc., Roberta Beverly, executive Director of the Union Station Foundation, and the members of the Union Station Foundation board, the COO will rehearse and perform in the Browning Theater at Union Station.

Some readers may remember a string orchestra that performed on September 11 at the Farmers Market. That was the very beginning of Chamber Orchestra Ogden, but this will be the orchestra’s formal inaugural concert. The concert will be about one hour in length and will be followed by a reception to allow the audience to get a chance to meet the members of the orchestra. Many people will find their neighbors performing in this ensemble.

As an introduction to the community, this first concert being performed for free, and without an admission charge. Come out, see and hear what it’s all about, and then become a regular attendee as the orchestra performs a three-concert season beginning in the fall. You will also hear a smaller version of the orchestra performing for other events around the area, including a summer performance at the Farmers Market again. For more information about this new orchestra, contact Dr. Michael Palumbo, 801 626 6991 or mpalumbo@weber.edu.

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