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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

People & Places Exhibit @ Bountiful Davis Art Center (Farmington: Jan 10 - Feb 14)

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    
Hillary Timmons, 801.451.3664 or hillary@bdac.org 
Bountiful/Davis Art Center is located at 28 East State Street, South Door, 2nd Floor in Farmington
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 221 Farmington, UT  84025-0221

Bountiful/Davis Art Center presents:
                                                                                           People & Places

Bountiful Davis Art Center, Jan 10 – Feb 14
Opening Reception Jan 10, 7-9pm


Gibbs Smith, Strand Book Store in the Rain, Oil on linen

December 18, 2013, Farmington - Bountiful/Davis Art Center will host a new exhibit highlighting interesting people and places in oil, watercolor, photography, and mixed media.

Participating Artists:

Gibbs Smith                        Carol Berrey                       Carl Oelerich
Fidalis Beuhler                   Lester B. Lee                      Joyce Rawson
Carole Nylander               Emily King                            Sandi Olson                       

Gibbs Smith (artist, above image): Part of this exhibit will feature artist and publisher Gibbs Smith’s series of paintings of bookstores which he calls ‘The Art of the Bookstore’. His book The Art of the Bookstore will be for sale along with many of his bookstore paintings. Gibbs Smith will be the primary artist representing the “places” aspect of this exhibit.
Artist Statement: Ever since I was a child, I have felt that books are more than just the sum of their parts. Books are the physical embodiment of ideas, which are ephemeral. When the elements of a book come together, magic sometimes happens. It follows, then, that bookstores too are more than just bricks and mortar, shelves and hardcovers and paperbacks. When you combine so many books—so many voices, opinions, stories and idea—into one space, a creative and cultural fire often ignites (Gibbs Smith, The Art of the Bookstore).

Fidalis Beuhler: http://fidalis-buehler.com/
Artist Statement: My work examines personal identity through various depictions of life experience both past and present. These convoluted ideas are shaped through Pacific Island/Western upbringing infusing dreams, story telling, chants, and rituals, including various genres of American pop culture, folk traditions, and domestic life.  Art making is a process of re-collecting.  It brings to mind circumstance and promotes self-discovery.  In this manner my work attempts to bridge the gap between past and present through series of identity-based concepts.

Artist Statement: Growing up in the Midwest where there are dramatic season changes and such heavy moisture in the air gave me a strong feeling for the beauty of our earth.  The summer’s moisture-heavy air had strong smells of crops and animals growing. I felt a physical connection to that place, and I loved digging in the ground as a child and making mud sculptures. When I came to Utah I felt that the air was much drier and the visual impact stronger, so the mountainous west I experience visually rather than physically. The vista of rugged mountains and canyons is astonishing to someone from flat lands.  I want to put down on paper or canvas how I feel about such beauty even though my paintings are usually fanciful rather than realistic.

Artist Statement: The Georgia Baptist Orphans Home was founded in Atlanta in 1872 to care for orphans of the Civil War. By 1940 the home had grown to over three hundred children. My husband grew up at the home from age eight to eighteen. During a recent visit to the annual homecoming the institutional archives yielded a number of beautiful 1920’s portraits of orphan girls. They were photographed in their Sunday best with shiny shoes, and neatly combed hair. We couldn’t help but wonder where the lives of these nameless young women were destined to take them. In these paintings I try to capture their innocence and vulnerability. I have imagined

Lester B. Lee: Lester Bird Lee is a well known artist living in Northern Utah who has a distinguished career as a working artist and art educator.  Many are familiar with his descriptive watercolor paintings of people engaged in local environs, reminiscent of LeConte Stewart’s subject matter.  Lester has won many awards for his art and teaching including the prestigious Huntsman Award for Excellence in Education.  He is currently working on several commissioned projects including a sculptural work and book illustrations.  He has been a teacher at BDAC and is a former Chair of the Board of Trustees.  He also helped develop the Education Program at BDAC. 

Artist Statement: Creation has always been a huge part of my life no matter the medium. The human experience remains at the forefront of my work and motivates my concepts. It helps me absorb moments in life and define relationships. I am drawn to forms simplified and unique color palettes despite the medium. I don’t wish to be labeled by a particular media, I prefer to have them all at my disposal.

Joyce Rawson (Artist Statement): As an art teacher in Granite District for 31 years, I have had many opportunities to display my art work. I designed and painted theater sets for the high schools and local theater groups. I illustrated district publications, so when I do my own art, I find that it is natural to combine all those skills. Landscapes with water are soothing to me. Whenever possible I try to include children. What could be better subject matter to make people smile.

Artist Statement: Born with an artist’s spirit, I choose to create art intuitively, allowing images to appear to me and then fine expression in oil paint on a blank canvas. By not holding on to preconceived ideas the final work, to me, feels more expressive and loose. Although my work displays looseness and freedom, I never forget the technical aspects of art. But more importantly, I stress the emotional aspects and hope my audience responds to that emotion rather than to how well I might adhere to the “rules” of creating art.

Opening Reception January 10, 7-9pm

Free to the public
10% off gift shop items (additional 10% for members).

Please contact BDAC for high resolution picture files.

For more information about this exhibit and other programs of Bountiful/Davis Art Center, call 801 451-3660 or visit us online at www.bdac.org  http://www.bdac.org/ email: info@bdac.org     


Hillary Ruth Timmons
Marketing and Development Manager
Phone: 801-451-3664
Fax: 801-451-3665

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