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Monday, November 8, 2010

Modern Dance Graduate Thesis Concert @ U (SLC: Nov 11 -13)

Graduate Thesis Concert:
The Other Side of Human

Contact: Rob Wood, 801.581.7327, info@dance.utah.edu
What: The University of Utah Department of Modern Dance
Graduate Thesis Concert: The Other Side of Human

Where: Hayes Christensen Theatre, Marriott Center for Dance

When: Nov. 11-13, 2010 at 7:30 pm

Tickets: $10 general, $7 students/seniors/U of U faculty & staff
(Additional KingTix services charges applied at time of purchase)

Please join us to experience a dance concert of original works by the graduate students of the Department of Modern Dance at the University of Utah. The Graduate Thesis Concert is the culmination of both research and the creative process of dance choreography, featuring works by Efren Corado, Elizabeth Stich, Emmy Barker, Erica Womack, Belle Baggs, and Li-Sha Niu. Each artist has chosen to explore basic, yet integral human concepts as a means to reconnect to the threads of humanity and to fight to unveil our own existence. Using the medium of movement, The Other Side of Human, will seduce you into a journey deep within yourself.

Fallen Inside by Efren Corado, is a journey of introspective truth. These truths expand from the textures of our skin to what it is to be an outsider starring in; wishing to relate. With an original score by Mike Esperanza, this physical experience will cope with loneliness in three sections: Exclusion, Disclosure and Collapse. Leaving the audience questioning, what crumbles or stands strong when everything is left unspoken?

Elizabeth Stich premieres a work titled, Echo, an exploration of individual identity and how it manifests inside the creative process of dance and movement. Three dancers engage in a conversation of movement while weaving in and out of solos, duets, and trios.

Emmy Barker showcases a solo, titled, Grains of Time. By manipulating time and exploring different types of repetition, the dance urges the audience to dive into their own subconscious and personal experiences. Barker explains, “ Through this exploration of repetition, the dance challenges individuals to make metaphorical meaning out of something they see over and over again.”

Through a physical group piece and music by Led Zeppelin, Erica Womack presents, Running from Conscience. This piece explores what it is like to be an individual amongst the masses. How does being in a group affect our decisions? With the themes of compliancy, passivity and compassion, the dancers struggle to find their own individuality and confront the issue of being humane. Womack questions, “What can bring us back to compassion and listening to our own conscience?”

Sync, choreographed by Belle Baggs, explores the concept of empathy. With music composed by local musicians, Kevin Anderson and Tristan Moore, this duet attempts to dissolve the barrier between self and other. Through imitation, misunderstandings, physical exhaustion and tension; the dancers challenge their own capacity of embodying the empathic process.

Inspired by the clashing views of looking at one’s own self, A Believable Absence choreographed by Li-Sha Niu, provokes the audience to sense both the subjective and objective dynamics of self-conflict. By transforming the roles of the performers and the audience, Niu uses this dance piece as a theater experiment to explore how the gaze can bring impact to human behavior, when people are watching and being watched.

Performances are held at the Hayes Christensen Theatre at the Marriott Center for Dance (U of U campus, 330 South 1500 East, Salt Lake City, just west of the Marriott Library), on November 11-13, 2010 at 7:30. Student tickets are $7 each, and general admission is $10. Tickets are available through the Kingsbury Hall Ticket office at 801.581.7100, online at www.kingtix.com or at the Marriott Center for Dance box office one hour prior to the performance. For more information call 801.581.7327 or visit us at www.dance.utah.edu .


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