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Monday, November 15, 2010

UAA Requests Exhibit Proposals for 2011 (SLC: deadline: Dec 31)

For Immediate Release
November 10, 2010
From: Gallery Director, Kent Rigby, (801) 870-2069; kent@utaharts.org

Utah Arts Alliance announces the annual Request for Exhibit Proposals for 2011

The Utah Arts Alliance is pleased to announce the annual Request for
Exhibit Proposals for the year 2011. Utah resident artists may make
proposals for individual or group exhibits of original fine art.
Exhibits will be presented at the Utah Arts Alliance gallery, 127 S.
Main St, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111.

Exhibit Proposal forms may be obtained by calling (801) 651-3937, or
e-mailing utahartsalliance@yahoo.com. Proposals will be accepted by US
Mail, e-mail, or hand delivery. Proposals are due by December 31,
2010. Proposals received after that date will be considered for
alternate status or held for the 2012 Exhibition Schedule. In
addition, artists responding to the proposal request may be invited to
participate in UAA presented group shows and invitational exhibits.

Exhibits will be displayed on a monthly basis. Artists may request a
month of their choice. Every effort will be made to accommodate months
requested. Artists and exhibit proposals will be selected by the Utah
Arts Alliance gallery committee, based on artistic merit and perceived
public interest. The gallery can accommodate approximately (35) pieces
of medium sized 2-D works, ten 3-D works on pedestals, and
installations. Artists with less than (20) pieces to display are
encouraged to team with other artists for exhibits. Or, artists may
request to be teamed with other artists whose work is deemed
compatible to theirs and conducive to an engaging exhibit. Proposals
for exhibits with themes may receive preference over proposals of
non-related collections of work. All Utah artists, of any age, may
submit Proposals, in any media, or combinations of media. Size
restrictions are based on what the building and space can physically
accommodate. Large over-sized works and installations should be
identified on the Proposal and further information regarding size
limitations will be provided. Generally, works must be able to fit
between a pair of doors.

All pieces must be delivered ready to hang, including all necessary
wires, tabs, or hooks. .

The UAA gallery will manage all sales. The gallery will retain a sales
commission of 35%. Please price your works to include the commission

For further information, call 651-3937, send e-mails to
or visit the UAA web site at www.utaharts.org

The Utah Arts Alliance is a 501c3 non-profit arts group with a wide
range of visual and performing arts programs. Our mission is to
foster the arts in its many forms, to provide venues to facilitate the
arts, to provide programming and support for arts and education, to
provide a central organization committed to networking and support of
Utah?s non-profit arts and educational groups, and to provide support
and services to Utah?s artists and students. Derek Dyer, Executive
Director; Kent Rigby Gallery and Recording Arts Director.

Utah Arts Alliance Gallery, 127 S, Main St., Salt Lake City, Utah
84111 (801) 651-3937

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