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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Adult Art Workshops 2012 @ Art Access (SLC: March 3, 17, 24, April 14, 21)

The Art Access Adult Art Workshops are taught by professional artists and are open to adults with and without disabilities.
 A $50 tuition fee* per workshop covers art supplies, along with a boxed-lunch and a day of creating!
*This fee may be reduced or waived based on need.  Please call.
Workshop space is limited, so please register early and limit your enrollment to no more than two workshops.  You may request to be placed on a “wait list” for additional workshops.
All Saturday workshops are from 9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
March 3
Phoenix Ostermann/Reclaimed Sentiment
Attend this fun workshop to get immersed in the world of collage.  Learn to tell humorous stories through cutting and pasting and turn your projects into veritable pieces of art.  Arrive with family photos, ephemera, postcards, or illustrations from old books—any images that inspire—and the workshop will provide the backgrounds on which your images will come to life.
“Reclaimed Sentiment” is the pseudonym for a self-made collage artist (Phoenix Ostermann) who has created an artistic voice with a unique story-telling ability.  R.S. has shown in various galleries around town over the last few years and in trying to reach a cult-like status, has strived for a larger than life on-line presence.
March 17
Roz Newmark
LIFE in STILLNESS Digital Photography
What does life really look like up close?  Come join in the arranging and photographing of inanimate life.  In this class we will each bring a collection of objects that have personal meaning or interest.  We’ll examine how different light and backgrounds affect the overall feeling or mood of our still-lifes.  Feel free to bring fabric or paper as interesting background.   Bring a digital camera with a close up setting and working knowledge of how to use it.  Don’t forget to pack your sense of humor.  (Bringing good jokes will earn you extra credit!)
Roz Newmark has been a professional photographer for almost four decades.  She has studied at the Center for Photographic Studies and holds a degree from Franconia College.  Her work has been published in numerous books and shown in the Ansel Adams Gallery.  Recently, Roz has been photographing objects up close—life in stillness.  She is also a dancer, musician, and performing artist.
March 24
Marina Alexandrescu
Release your inner thespians in this one of a kind workshop!  Do you have a personal story or memory that would make a great mini-play?  Is there a tale, song, or poem you are particularly fond of that you would love to dramatize?  Here is your chance to become stage designer, actor, and director all at once!  The art form of “toy theatre” *(also called “model theatre” or “paper theatre”) was very popular in the Victorian era and is making a comeback today.  
We’ll use various papers, found objects, and materials to create our own mini-theatres complete with characters, stage sets, and props.  Bring a story, song, or any other source of inspiration; along with photographs for scenery or characters, small objects for props, music or sound.  
* Google “toy theatre” for more information or to see YouTube footage. 
Marina Alexandrescu is a painter and mixed-media artist who is fascinated with everything puppet.  While attending the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as an MFA candidate in painting, she studied with master puppeteer, Blair Thomas, and later became acquainted with the magical world of the performing group “Great Small Works” of New York.
April 14
Paul Heath and Louise Fischman
Mosaics is the ancient process of making pictures or designs by inlaying small bits of colored tile in mortar.  Their solidity, resistance to moisture, durability, and colorfastness make mosaics perfect for practical uses and spectacular in their color and beauty.   The possibilities are endless with simple, easy-to-learn mosaic tiling!  We’ll learn some basic history about mosaics, how to cut both ceramic and glass tile, form a design, adhere the tile to a surface, and grout it into place.  No artistic experience is necessary!
Paul Heath has a BFA from the University of Utah in Drawing and Painting, and has been a self-employed artist and teacher of art for 24 years.  Louise Fischman earned a BFA from Pratt Institute and is a long-time teacher of art in the schools and therapeutic art in hospitals and treatment facilities.   Paul and Louise have studied at the Mosaic School in Ravenna, Italy; and both have co-designed and executed numerous public art projects using mosaic tiling, including artwork along the Jordan River Parkway.
April 21
Sue Valentine
Have you always wanted to try your hand at watercolor painting but felt a bit intimidated?  Then this is the workshop for you!  In this class we’ll experiment with drawing blind and contour sketches along with creating a composition concentrating on shapes and lines.  Through this process you will develop basic watercolor technique using a limited pallet to mix colors.  We’ll then accent our watercolor sketches using crayons, charcoal, pen, and/or pencils.   You will leave the workshop with a beautiful painting and a great sense of accomplishment!
Sue Valentine is a SLC native and past president of the Utah Watercolor Society.  She paints in watercolor, acrylic, and oil—always beginning her paintings with a sketch or contour drawing.   Sue has been a mentor artist in the Art Access Partners Program and regularly participates in the Art Access 300 Plates Show, in addition to the Community Nursing’s Art and Soup fundraiser.  Art gives her a chance to be part of and view the beautiful sides of life. 

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