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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Love UT Give UT @ The Community Foundation of Utah

Get Ready To Feel The Love!

Love UT Give UT is a one-day virtual event that encourages everyone to contribute to Utah nonprofit organizations and schools through an online giving platform. Love UT Give UT has three primary goals:
  1. Grow philanthropy: Bring new donors to your organizations.
  2. Grow revenue: Create a new funding stream for your agencies.
  3. Grow support: Educate Utahns about all the ways their lives are impacted by your work.

Last year we raised $800,000 for 357 organizations, large and small, in every corner of the state. On March 20, 2014 we’ll do it again – and, with your help, it will be even bigger and better! It’s time to start planning! We learned last year that there are some critical things each of us can be doing NOW to make the most of this event.
  1. Locate a matching or challenge grant. In 2013, organizations with these incentives raised 6 x more money!
  2. Plan an event. Organizations that teamed together or individually held events  phone-a-thons, gatherings at homes or bars, etc.  raised more money than those that did not.
  3. Organize a local team. We would love to see local organizing efforts expand – last year they took place in St. George, Moab, and Provo. Let us know how we can help.
  4. Tell your donors that Love UT Give UT is March 20.
  5. Beef up your social media. If you are not active on Facebook, Instagram, etc., now is the time to get started!
  6. Start thinking about press and outreach. Take photos of your events, gather testimonials, and get ready to tell your story on 03.20.14!
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What's The Plan?

What's The Plan?

Who is Eligible?

Any nonprofit registered in the state of Utah including:schools, school foundations, universities and nonprofit organizations can participate. There is no cost to sign up. 

How Does It Work?

We’ll again be using Razoo as our platform. Check outwww.LoveUTGiveUT.org for last year's results! They have made significant changes that we hope will make registration and the day itself easier, and attract more donors. Razoo has increased their fee to 4.9% to cover expenses and credit card transaction costs. The Community Foundation of Utah will retain 1.1% to cover a small portion of expenses. You will receive 94% of all the funds given to your agency – and the names of all your donors.

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What's New?

What's New?

No Paper Application
  • This year, agencies will register for the event online. This is a change from 2013 and will make it simpler.
  • The registration portal for the event will not be available from Razoo until January 2014. A reminder will be sent when registration begins.
  • Companies will be able to track employee donors. We hope this will increase the number of corporations that use Love UT Give UT as their annual fundraising event – and the number of corporate matches.

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What's It Take?

What's It Take?

What does my nonprofit need to do?
  1. Make sure you have a current Utah Charitable Solicitation Permit, or confirm you do not need one. School foundations and universities are exempt. If you don’t have a permit you will not be allowed to participate.
  2. All funds raised on www.LoveUTGiveUT.org must be used to support efforts in Utah. If you are a local branch of a national charity, or an international humanitarian effort, please speak with us.
  3. Create or update your landing page on the Razoo platform. You can check out your page atwww.LoveUTGiveUT.org now if you were a participant last year, or at www.razoo.com if you are a first timer.
  4. Broadcast the campaign’s message using your networks.
  5. Attend at least one meeting or training.
  6. Contribute to the campaign’s success by committing staff and volunteer time to outreach, especially on the weeks leading up to and day of 03.20.2014.

What will The Community Foundation of Utah do?

In support of the campaign, The Community Foundation of Utah pledges to:
  1. Fund, create, maintain and oversee theLoveUTGiveUT.org online giving platform.
  2. Create a common message and brand for the campaign.
  3. Raise money for the leaderboard challenges and hourly golden tickets.
  4. Create marketing templates and other tools to help you market your organization.

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What's Next?

What's Next?

Let us know you are IN! If you have questions about this or any other matters regarding Love UT Give UT, please contact Blair Hodson at The Community Foundation of Utah,loveutgiveut@utahcf.org (801) 559-3005 ext 4

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