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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

NEWS: RDT Upcoming Events

RDT's 48th Season opener

October 3-5, 2013 | 7:30 pm

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
138 W 300 S, Salt Lake City, UT
RDT begins our 48th season with a tribute to our dance legacy.

The centerpiece for this stirring concert will be modern dance legend, Jose Limon’s masterwork, “Missa Brevis.” This monumental work is a memento to cities destroyed during World War II and to those unconquerable qualities in human beings that compel the spirit to rise in hope and to survive. The choreography features 22 dancers including RDT and guests from BYU Division of Dance and Utah Valley University who will perform to a powerful score by Zoltan Kodaly.

Also on the concert are works by Doris Humphrey, Ted Shawn, Bill Evans, and Ze'eva Cohen -- all legacies in the history of modern dance and of RDT.

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Tickets: $30*
Students/Seniors: $15
Groups of 10+: $20
*Tickets increase $5 on the day of the show

Symposium: Missa Brevis: Nexus of Art, Faith and War
Oct. 2 | 7:00 pm
Utah Museum of Contemporary Art (UMOCA)
20 S. West Temple

RDT invites the public to a symposium where you can hear the story behind “Missa Brevis,” ask questions and contribute to an important conversation that is likely to continue as long as we’re all human. Join us for this free panel discussion and screening of an excerpt of Missa Brevis, prior to the opening of our fall concert.
Attendees will receive a $10 discount* to LEGACY.
*discount applies to full price tickets only.

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Ring Around the Rose: Tablado Flamenco
October 12 | 11:00 am
This talented group will introduce the elements of Flamenco in a fun and interesting way for audiences of all ages.

Flamenco consists of three artistic elements: the cante (singing), the guitarra (guitar) and the baile (dance). In addition, there are often members of a flamenco group playing palmas (hand clapping). Today other instruments such as the Cajon, a box drum of Peruvian origin, have found a regular place in the flamenco cuadro (performing group). The relationship between the artists is similar to that of jazz where there is a basic structure that one must follow, but at its heart, it is an improvised form.

Visit www.tabladodance.com to learn more

www.artTix.org | 801-355-ARTS | At the box office (West side of the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center)

Join the event on Facebook & invite your friends

Young Dancer Passport to Hip Hop
November 2, 9, 16, 2013
During three Saturday rehearsals, students will work with RDT dancers Justin Bass & Tyler Orcutt to create a site-specific piece to be performed in the lobby of the Jeanne Wagner Theature during RDT's show, LIVELY (November 22-23, 2013).

Students will learn hip hop material and participate in the choreography process.

Tuition to the workshop includes 2 tickets to the upcoming RDT performance.

Click here to learn more
The latest from the RDT Dancers Blog
The RDT Dancers Blog is full of behind-the-scenes info from the dancers about "Missa Brevis" and all of the pieces from the LEGACY concert. Everything from "What Faith Means to me" to Rosy's experience in dancing & motherhood. Here's an excerpt from the latest post featuring thoughts from the guest dancers from BYU in the process of learning "Missa Brevis":
We’ve had the privileged of working with some wonderful dancers from BYU’s Division of Dance as we re-staged Missa Brevis.

What will they remember most about the process?

  • You are always performing; whether it is in a technique class or rehearsal
  • Nina and her detailed forms of imagery corresponding to Jose Limon’s work.
  • Working with RDT. I was and am amazed at how kind and dedicated the dancers were. I felt like they genuinely wanted to help me do my best. And I don’t think a single rehearsal went by where we didn’t all burst out laughing.
  • The wonderful people and talent I was able to work with and the notes I received from professionals and people involved in the history of dance.
  • Finding the spirit inside of me and learning how to express that spirit and message to our audience. Click here to read more.
On the RDT Wish List
Can you help us out? RDT is looking for:
  • A digital video camera - One of the critical ways we learn historical repertory is through video. Help us preserve these incredible dances more efficiently so they can continue to live on.
  • A company van - RDT travels across the state of Utah and the region doing Arts-In-Education work in the schools, including lecture demonstrations, movement classes, and in-depth residencies and we need a way to get around.
  • SkyMiles - RDT brings in choreographers and guest artists from around the world. Help us cover the cost of travel by donating your unused SkyMiles!
If you have any of these items, or would like to help us get them (either by donating funds, or getting us in touch with the right people), please contact David Pace at 801-534-1000 or david@rdtutah.org.
RDT on the Road
October finds RDT touring in Montana and North Dakota. On Wednesday, October 16th, RDT dancers Aaron Wood and Sarah Donohue travel to Great Falls, Montana, where they will serve as guest faculty for the annual Montana Dance Arts Association Workshops, a state-wide dance intensive. Aaron and Sarah will be teaching four levels each in Modern, Jazz and Improvisation during the three-day confab. They then join the entire Company on Sunday evening, October 20th, for a two-day “Sense of Place” Residency in Bozeman, Montana, following which the Company travels to Dickinson, North Dakota, for the remainder of the week, in residence with “Sense of Place” at Dickinson State University.

Each “Sense of Place” residency is designed as a celebration of community, inspired by the many connections we have with the unique places where we live. RDT will be presenting extensive community outreach activities (movement classes, choreographic workshops, lecture dem’s, etc.) as well as fully-produced public performances. In Bozeman, for example, RDT dancers will be joined on stage in performance by students from Montana State University’s College of Arts and Architecture.

RDT returns to Salt Lake City Sunday, October 27th.
Announcing RDT's Major Gifts Campaign

In preparation for the Company's 50th Anniversary (2015-16), the RDT Board of Trustees invites you to become a Charter Member of this select group

Josephine Davies
Evelyn Furse
Stephanie & Tim Harpst
Janet & Steve Lewis
Linda C. Smith & Ivan Weber
Alice & Kevin Steiner

Please join us in thanking the individuals above who have made a donation to RDT at the level of $1,000 or above.

For information about becoming a charter member of the Major Gifts Campaign, please contact RDT at 801.534.1000 or at david@rdtutah.org .
We gratefully acknowledge these entities for their generous support of RDT's development of modern dance as an art form - to create, perform, preserve and inspire. Artistic, production and publicity support for RDT's 2013-2014 legendary season is provided by:

George S. and Dolores Dore Eccles Foundation
Emma Eccles Jones Foundation
National Endowment for the Arts & the Utah Division of Arts & Museums
Salt Lake City Arts Council

And a special thank you to the citizens of Salt Lake County for recognizing the importance of tax base funded Zoo, Arts & Parks Program that improves the health of communities and community members through arts, recreation and lifelong learning experiences.

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