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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Renowned Chinese Artist YiDan Guo @ Southern Utah University (Cedar City: Oct. 25 - Dec. 14)

WHAT:              Exhibition of the paintings of renowned Chinese artist YiDan Guo
WHO:               Braithwaite Fine Arts Gallery, College of Performing and Visual Arts, Southern Utah University
WHEN:             Opening reception: Thursday, October 24 at 6:30pm
Exhibit: October 25–December 14, 2013, Mon–Fri, 10:00am–5:00pm
WHERE:           Hunter Conference Center 2nd Floor, Southern Utah University, Cedar City, UT
INFO:               Phone: Arts Hotline: (435) 865-8800 or visit: www.suu.edu/arts
PRICES:           Free and the General Public is encouraged to attend. 

Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah: Current, visiting professor of Art and Design at SUU, YiDan Guo, has served on the faculty of the School of Art at Renmin University in Beijing since 2000. Guo is recognized as among the best of a rising generation of Chinese artists, being selected for inclusion in many prestigious exhibitions. This presentation will begin with a reception on the 2nd floor of SUU’s Hunter Conference Center at 6:30pm on Thursday, October 24, 2013. The exhibition will run in the Hunter Conference Center through December 14, 2013, and is open Mon–Fri, 10am–5pm. Admission is free and the public is encouraged to attend.
YiDan Guo’s career catapulted at the early age of 15, when she received a full scholarship to the world’s most prestigious arts school, Beijing’s Preparatory Central Academy of Fine Arts. A number of Guo’s works--including the dry-brushwork painting The Tale of Time--were selected for the 7th National Exhibition of Watercolors and Dry-Brushwork Paintings (2005).  Her traditional Chinese realistic paintingSeptember won inclusion in the 4th Exhibition for Newcomers and their Works in Beijing (2006).  Her traditional Chinese realistic painting Musical Journey was selected for the 6th National Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Realistic Paintings, and was also chosen for exhibition by China's National Gallery of Art by the Chinese Artists Association and the National Traditional Chinese Realistic Paintings Association.
Guo's publications include the freehand-brushwork drawings The Chanting and During the Journey, both appearing in Selected Works of Chinese Master Painters (International Yan-Huang Culture Publishing House, 2004).  Her watercolors have appeared in Survey of Trends in the Arts—Watercolor Masters of China II (Tianjin People’s Fine Arts Press, 2010).
Guo notes that her goal in this exhibit is to “not only show what I have seen and experienced, but to share the deeper emotions behind my work.” Traditional Chinese realistic painting has a long history stretching back nearly 1,600 years, and Guo’s painting style pays homage to this long tradition with obvious joy and reverence. Also evident in Guo’s work is the Chinese painting philosophy which incorporates the belief that painting is also meditation, a communion with divine Existence. Through painting, Guo notes, “I find peace and serenity in my soul.”
Please take advantage of this opportunity to experience the talent of this young, master Chinese artist. Guo’s perspective and skill will arrest your senses. For more information on the SUU College of Performing and Visual Arts events, please call the Arts Hotline at (435) 865-8800, or visit www.suu.edu/arts.

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