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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

JOB: House Manager/Box Office @ The Children's Theatre

Salary: 9.50-11/hr.
Job Description: House Managers
Must be available to work shifts on Fridays from 5:30pm - 9pm and Saturdays either 12pm - 3pm and/or 3:30pm - 7pm

Box Office
Tuesday & Thursday shifts from 2pm - 7pm
Description on website.

House Manager
· Coordinate and ensure smooth operation of performances at The Children's Theatre
· Present yourself as a representative of The Children's Theatre sharing an up-beat and positive attitude to create an enjoyable and memorable experience for patrons to the theatre.
· Set-up and prepare the building for show time, including front lobby, concessions, restrooms, common area space as well as the theatre. This includes but is not limited to cleaning, restocking of supplies, inventory count, setting building temperature, etc.
· Generally House Managers answer to the Head House Manager (usually also the Box Office Manager) as well as the President to ensure the safe and enjoyable experience of the theatre’s patrons.
· Handle of patron complaints and problems – to see to it that regardless of mistakes made by patron we do our best to promote a positive attitude and experience with The Children's Theatre.
· During a performance House Managers should expect to; serve patrons at Will-Call, help patrons to find a seat, sell tickets and concessions, pull ticket inventory, run point of sale reports and manage till reconciliation.
· House Managers work closely with Stage Managers to coordinate a smooth start time and transition to intermission.
· House Managers are in charge of a secure lock-up of the theatre, which includes ensuring all entrances/exits are securely locked, lights turned off, heat/cooling turned to closing temperatures, etc.
· House Managers should be aware of all programs at The Children's Theatre and be able to answer and respond to patron’s questions/concerns about them, and should seek to promote these programs.
How to Apply: Submit your resume online at www.tctheatre.org/jobs.html
Closing Date: 12/31/2011
Your Website: Visit organizational website.
Job Post Link: Visit additional job posting information.
Contact:Contact Name: Jessica Hintze
Email: jparker@tctheatre.org

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