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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Artists Richard Prehn Zxorb and Kim Baack @ Utah Arts Alliance Gallery (Sept 21 - Oct 15)

For Immediate Release
Contact: Mickell Smith at 801-317-3681 for more information
Utah Arts Alliance Gallery
127 S. Main Street, Salt Lake City UT 84111

Utah Arts Alliance Gallery Welcomes Artists Richard Prehn Zxorb
and Kim Baack

The Utah Arts Alliance Gallery will be hosting an artist’s reception for Richard Prehn Zxorb and Kim Baack during the Gallery Stroll on September 21st, 2012 from 6pm until 9pm. Zxorb and Baack teamed up together to introduce Dada to the UAA Main Street Gallery where their work will show until mid-October.

Dada is very modern and yet very old. It is thinking of the “starving artist” who doesn’t have a dime but can’t stifle the creative flow and must produce. It is using cardboard that can be recycled when one gets tired of a piece. It is finding something oddly normal and making it abnormal. It is interactive where the spectator becomes a participant. It is inexpensive whenever possible; using what others might consider trash.  It is always my own – until it becomes yours. Then it becomes whatever you find it to be.    -Richard Prehn Zxorb 

Richard Prehn has always allowed his photographic art to lead him where it wants him to go. In a “former life” he shot film for United Press International and a variety of press-related publications. He documented the renovations of the Cathedral of the Madeleine and the Utah Governor’s Mansion, has taught and exhibited in a number of countries and his photographs are in collections throughout the world.  His true artistic self, though, is bizarrely unorthodox and his true passion in art has always been to create his own reality.  Richard’s photographs are rarely what they seem and are frequently enhanced using a variety of mediums.  He builds his own sets and art pieces out of “finds” (as in “look what I found!”), self- created metal sculptures and “junk.”
-“Speak to me my madness for I have seen things you will never see. I will give you a glimpse.”

Kim Baack is a bit of a daredevil with her art. She loves her artwork to be bold, make statements and teach. Often her works are interactive. She melds photography, painting, drawing and sculpting to create her art. Frequently one can’t tell where one genre ends and the other begins. She always has several projects in the works mixing and matching as she goes. Her artwork has been shown and collected in numerous venues worldwide. She believes that the purpose of art is to stretch the mind and generate a reaction. 

“Art is who I am. I am not happy unless I am creating. It doesn’t have to be beautiful….it just has to make you think.”

Additional Credits: Grady McGrew – The music and poetry of Grady McGrew’s “Metal Studies” as well as other short  clips of sound and music will be featured at the opening reception. Grady taught himself to play the guitar at a very young age and is currently “exploring” the piano.

If you would like more information regarding the Utah Arts Alliance Gallery, Richard Prehn Zxorb, or Kim Baack visit us at Utah Arts Alliance Gallery <utaharts.org>.

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