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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Foundations Exhibit @ Bountiful/Davis Art Center (Bountiful: Sept 28 - Nov 2)

NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    
Emma Dugal, 801-292-0367 or emmadugal@bdac.org
Bountiful/Davis Art Center
745 S. Main Street, Bountiful, UT 84010

The Artists of Bountiful/Davis Art Center (1997-2012)
….celebrating and saying goodbye to the building on Main Street
and honoring former BDAC director Arley G.Curtz
for his creativity and dedication to art and individual artists.
Bountiful/Davis Art Center, September 28 – November 2, 2012

                                                                                         By Arley G. Curtz

For the past fifteen years, hundreds of artists have exhibited and many have taught at Bountiful/Davis Art Center.  Though it would be impossible to exhibit all of these artists, the following have agreed to put one piece of art in the exhibit:

Aaron Bushnell, Ann Garrett, Anne Gregerson, Anne Marie and Garth Oborn, Adrian Van Suchtelen, Barbara Dowdle, Becky Hartvigsen, Ben Behunin, Bonnie and Denis Phillips, Bruce Smith, Carl Oelerich, Carl Purcell, Cary Henrie, Christopher Thornock, Claudia Sisemore, Connie Borup, Darl Thomas, Darryl Erdmann, Craig Bybee, Dianne and John Shaw, Diane Turner, Stan Elmer, Earl Jones, Erin W. Berrett, Gibbs Smith, Glen Hawkins, Greg Newbold, Jan Boardman, John Erickson, Jon Bouwhuis, Dan and Joshua Toone, Phyllis and Karen Horne, Larry Wade, Linnie Brown, Lester B. Lee, Mac Stevenson, Marilyn Read, Mark Robison, Marcee and Ric Blackerby, Marjorie McClure, Merrily Kulmer, Michal Onyon, Myrne Collier, Nancy Lund ,Nora Del Murdock, Osral Allred, Paul Mann, Pilar Pobil, Robert McKay, Randall Lake, Rob Colvin, Rebecca Mann, Robert Barrett, Roger Motzkus, Roger Cushing, Sam Wilson, Scott Durrant, Sharon Alderman, Sherry Rauch, Sherry Meidell, Simon Winegar, Steven Sheffield, Theresa Otteson, Tony Rasmussen, Trent Alvey, Willamarie Huelskamp, and Yevgeniy Zolotsev.
There will also be art from the hand of beloved artists who have passed on including Norma Forsberg, Colleen Parker, Rose Ann Peterson, Ted Wassmer, Bevan Chipman, Lee Deffebach, Francis Zimbeaux, John S. White, LeConte Stewart, Harry Taylor and Sheila Mavin.  Each of these artists played a role in the success of Bountiful/Davis Art Center and they continue to be greatly missed.

Emma J. Dugal
Executive Director
Bountiful/Davis Art Center
745 So. Main Street
Bountiful, UT  84010
801 292-0367
fax: 801 292-7298

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