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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Weber State U - Jazz at the Station with Benjamin Jennings and Friends - Jazz at the Station with Benjamin Jennings and Friends

A New Jazz Season

Who:                WSU Department of Performing Arts & The Union Station Foundation
What:        Jazz at the Station with Benjamin Jennings and Friends
When:        Wednesday, 12 September 2012, 7:00 pm
Where:        Ogden´s Union Station Grand Lobby
Tickets:        No tickets are required for this Free performance.

Weber State University Department of the Performing Arts and the Union Station Foundation present Jazz at the Station with Benjamin Jennings and friends, Wednesday, 12 September,  7:00 pm in the Fountain Plaza of Ogden´s Union Station.  The friends for this performance are friends of Ben´s, friends in music, and friends of Jazz at the Station, most having performed there many times. They include Don Keipp, vibes, drums, & conga; Keven Johansen, guitar; Jim Schaub, Bass; Holly Bowden, flute; Justin Torres, oboe; Liz Woolley, vocal).

This will be the last program performed in the plaza for the season. However, due to approval of the audience, we intend to move outside again next summer.

The September Jazz at the Station is an annual "jam" of many local jazz musicians in a mass and relatively impromptu ensemble, jamming on shared, favorite tunes. It is organized each fall by Jennings.

In addition to being a musician, Jennings also assists in producing the Jazz at the Station program. His love of jazz really began when he first started attending Jazz in the Skyroom, the earliest incarnation of this program, in 1998. Listening to and meeting jazz musicians changed the direction of his musical interests. He now works to share that interest with others.

Jazz at the Station provides an all-ages venue for jazz fans and students. Well behaved children are welcome to attend as long as they do not disturb the performers or members of the audience.

For more information about this program, contact Caril Jennings, 626-6431 or crjennings@weber.edu or Benjamin Jennings, 801 458 8959 or BenjaminJennings@mac.com

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