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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NEWS: Tonight at 10pm: Grafton, floods & "Marvelous Flood" on KSL-TV News

Dear friends,

We thought you might like to take a peek tonight at the story John Hollenhorst and KSL-TV are putting together about the flooding in southern Utah. 

KSL is interviewing historian Doug Alder about Grafton* (the ghost town next to Zion), and Phillip about Red Rock Rondo's song about the boy who was born during the big flood in Grafton in 1862, when it rained for 40 days. The mother's wagon box home was pulled out of the flood just in time for the boy to be born, so he was given the name, Marvelous Flood. 

When Phillip heard this boy's marvelous name, he said, "That boy deserves a song!"

Phillip first learned this true story from A History of Southern Utah and its National Parks, by Angus Woodbury, a book he got up at the Zion Natural History Association. Then he learned more details from descendants of the boy's family, the Tenneys.

The TV news story tonight will include a bit of the song "Marvelous Flood," in an exceprt from the Western Folklife Center and KUED's Emmy Award-winning TV show about Red Rock Rondo's Zion Canyon Song Cycle.

So we hope you can tune into KSL-TV News (Channel 5) at 10pm tonight (Thursday) and watch this story!

*PS: if you don't know the town of Grafton, you can get a glimpse (and maybe see some ghosts) in our video: "Back & Forth (A Ghost Story)"

(and we hope to see you Saturday night at our CD Release Concert at the Rose Wagner!)

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