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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Business Economic Development and Labor Appropriations 2.21.13

(UCA's staff missed the first half of this meeting because of a scheduling conflict)

Sundance: Requesting $1 million in one time funds. They received very few questions from legislators.

Hexcel -- composites company, in order to continue to grow they need more electrical supply. Hexcel will need to pay $9 million for new electric substation outside of their facility as well as $8 million that Hexcel willl pay for the on-site. However, Hexcel will only use 6.5% of the output from the new substation. The rule requiring them to pay the $9 million, they’d like help from the state. Some tough questions from the legislators.

NHMU -- Sarah George presenting. Visitation is 4x more than old home in new building, as well as 50% more than expected for the building. TripAdvisor calls it the #1 best paid activity. Stated that it’s critically important to take care of the new building and its exhibits. They also have about half of their attendance come for free. Asking for $600,000 in ongoing funds from the legislature. Sen Bramble: concerned about taking pride in the free admission, why not ask those free people to pay and therefore fund that $600,000. Ms. George: some of that free admission is public schools, military and their families through the BlueStar, some free days as well. They have raised the admission free once since they opened. Sen. Bramble again asked if there’s any room to increase admission price to pay for this amount? Ms. George: thinks we’re on par for the market. Rep -- can you get any private funding to raise that $600,000? Ms. George: iSee funding helps more with visiting schools. Q do you get RAP tax? Ms. George: yes, $400,000. 

Sports Commission - presented a video that oddly had no speach so I was not sure what it was trying to say about sports. An opportunity lost if they’d been funded by the Legislature. Sports Commission lands the events that brings revenue to the state. Sports Commission is a public/private partnership. Steve Miller spoke on behalf of the Sports Commission. Stated that it combines sports with tourism. Sen. Jenkins stated that a number of legislators sit on this board. Stated that CO wants to mirror UT. Stated this is a good “bang for the buck”

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