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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Business Economic Development and Labor Appropriations: 2.26.13

packet of funding recommendations:
1) 125,000 dollars motion on top pg. 25-unanimous
2)  Approve 2013-14 sub-commiittee pg. 26 pg. 26 general funds request- unanimous 
3)  Intent language pg. 67-69- unanimous
4)  Federal Funds 2014 72-75- GOED adjust increase funds to 700,000-unanimous
5)  12 Million to Tourism marketing fund/ad program- unanimous
6)  1 Million funds set aside for industrial assistance- unanimous
7)  158,000 from liquor funds to parent's in power- unanimous
8)  pg. 27-65 approve fees GOED- approve fee amount in document fiscal yr. 2014- unanimous

 Ongoing sub-committee motions:

1)  Adopt ongoing list - unanimous
2)  One time strike 30 four corners- unanimous
3)  Item #7 changing the appropriation from $100,000 to $1 Million for Hexcel Corp.- two against (Rep. Arent and Sen. Davis)

Most of the items were voted for unanimously.  The only things that were debated over or moved were hexcel corp and STEM was moved up to a higher priority on the lists with no dollar amount.  The other items on the priority list stayed the same. 

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