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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Business Economic Development Labor Appropriations Subcommittee: 2.19.13

At this hearing, a number of organizations made direct appropriations requests of the legislature

Topaz Museum: 
  • emotional appeal
  • time to build a museum (this doesn’t exist yet), they’ve bought the old internment camp, done some renovations, but the museum doesn’t exist yet
  • asking for $250,000 (need $2.3 million)
  • also made an economic argument, and said it was an educational system
  • comments seemed to be emotional from Rep. Arent, she reiterated that she felt this was an important request
  • Rep. Nielsen sponsoring the request, they’re not asking for much help from the state, the community which he represents really want it. They want to remember what happened and make sure it never happens again.

Utah Humanities Council
  • presentation given by Executive Director Cynthia Buckingham -- gave a brief history, stated that they are an independent nonprofit that works with many state agencies and other nonprofits
  • Matches each state dollar with at least $20. Programs reaches 20 out of 29 counties. 
  • Asking for an additional $17,100 in annual funds that will bring total appropriation to $65,000 (old level). Money helps them support local projects. 
  • They are also asking for $25,000 in one time funds to fund “Museum on Main Street” a traveling Smithsonian exhibit. UHC has brought 6 Museum on Main Street. UHC also developed a personal history project to go along with the exhibit

Not all of the orgs (or maybe not their legislative representatives) were in attendance. So Dr. Wilko spoke some more about the budget reports they’re going to get. Dr. Wilko thought that maybe some of the orgs weren’t coming until 8:50am since they were supposed to take more time to talk fees this morning.

Clark Planetarium
Seth Jarvis, Director of the Clark Planetarium. Request to modernize the Planetarium’s 10 year old public exhibits. Turned the time over to Rick Schenkel of Boeing (a board member). He feels that the Clark Planetarium is vital to the community. To hire talent they need orgs like the Planetarium that home grows future engineers. A board member from ATK also spoke. They have a shortage of engineers locally. $2.1 million is the appropriation ask from the Clark Planetarium. 

Hill Air Show
Rep. Oda has Kevin Ireland of the Air Show. The Air Show is a big recruiting tool. People see the show and want to be pilots. Requesting $150,00 for 2014. If they can get that annually, they can raise the $450,000 it takes to put the show together and keep it free. Argued that it is an essential part of the community. He was asked if this $150,000 request would be on-going request. It is. It was pointed out that the state is already paying $300,000 of the $450,000. Rep. Bird stated that he thinks asking for this additional funds is a “big fill” but offered to talk about it more offline with Rep. Oda.

Broke for 10 minutes

Pioneer Cabin Relocation 
$15,000 for the move, $150,000 for a museum
(missed most of this because my computer cut out)
Question asked if $150,000 is enough to build a museum, there are a lot of donated materials so they think $150,000 will be enough to pay for it.

Moab Music Festival
Founded by NYC based musicians, fell in love with Moab and started a music festival. Now in 20th year, events are held indoors and outdoors. (sound cut out again, didn’t hear the ask)

Ogden Rodeo Museum
Wants to purchase two computers, monitors, desk; recording materials to talk to those promoting the Western lifestyle, cabinets, books and other materials. $50,000 is the ask.

Hale Center Theatre
Greg Curtis is a lobbyist? for Hale Center Theatre. It is a local community theatre in WVC that is in the process of doing a major expansion. Brent Lang, VP and CAO spoke on behalf. Want to expand facilities and build a new location. Have performed at 100% capacity since 2004. Over 23,000 season ticket holders. They sell out 3-4 weeks in advance. New building would have 3 performing spaces. They are the most attended community theater for the entire state of Utah. Seeking $2 million from the legislature, total expense is $65 million. Timeline: want to be in new theatre by Jan 2017. Question: do you expect to come back to state in future. A: not sure. Q: Will there be any money requested from ZAP for the facility? A: ZAP doesn’t fund capital projects for arts organizations. Q: they get a direct line item from the state, Q of does he know how many arts orgs get one? A: Hale didn’t know how many get line items. Brent didn’t know the answer but it was in lieu of going through the competitive grants process through Utah Arts Council. Dr. Wilko reported on the three others. 

Box Elder Boys and Girls Club
Jenny Scholz speaking on behalf. $35,000 for Family Support Center. (sound cut out)

Taylorsville Dayzz
Request to again bring Utah Symphony to their festival so they can perform for free. Event attracts over 30,000 people. Didn’t hear the $ amount. 

Motion to adjourn. 

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