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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Public Education Appropriations: 2.12.13

Mr. Leishman introduced the Science Outreach Program. The Science Education Outreach program assists science organizations in teaching the State’s science core curriculum in the public schools. Professional organizations match state revenues to deliver science education through demonstrations, presentations, and educational activities in the public schools. Program funding is split into three categories. Informal Science Education Enhancement (iSEE) Outreach includes: Clark Planetarium, Discovery Gateway, Red Butte Gardens, Natural History Museum of Utah, The Living Planet Aquarium, and The Leonardo. iSEE Enhancement for teacher professional development includes: The Living Planet Aquarium, Natural History Museum of Utah, Discovery Gateway, and Clark Planetarium. Integrated Student & New Facility Learning helps iSEE providers with new facilities. These include: Natural History Museum of Utah and The Leonardo.

Ms. Madlyn Runburg, iSEE Liaison, presented a video on the iSEE program. CO-Chair Last complimented iSEE on their program. Ms. Rundburg said private donors match the funding 60 percent to the state’s 40 percent. She requested $490,000 in new money.

Mr. Mike Washburn, President & CEO, Thanksgiving Point showed a video about the Tulips Journey North program and asked to be part of the iSEE program. There are 70 schools that participate in the program and they are requesting funding to increase that number. There are many attractions at Thanksgiving Point that have application in the iSEE program but funding support is needed. For $225,000.

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