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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

NEWS: February 2013 ZAP Newsletter

Application Deadlines Set

The application deadline for Tier II organizations is Friday, March 29, 2013. Electronic copies of the applications and the application guide can be found on the ZAP website at www.zap.slco.org.

Applicants must be non- profit organizations with federal IRS 501c3 status or a cultural agency of a county, municipal, township or community council. ZAP Tier II funding is awarded to organizations that have a clear arts or cultural pur- pose and fit into one of the qualified arts or cultural disciplines (music, history, art, dance, natural history, theatre, etc.)

Tier II application work- shops will be offered to assist in understanding and completing the application.

The application and evaluation process has been streamlined, so all applicants are strongly encour- aged to attend. Tier II application workshops will be held:

  • Thursday, February 28 at 2:00 p.m.,

  • Thursday, March 7 at 5:30 p.m. and

  • Friday, March 15 at 9:00 a.m.

in room N4017 of the Salt Lake County Government Center at 2001 South State Street. Parking is available in the covered parking ter- race east of the North Building. Each workshop will cover the same material and will last approxi- mately one hour. Reservations are not required.

The application deadline for Tier I and Zoological organizations is Friday, May 17, 2013.

Tier I and Zoological application workshop will be held Wednesday, April 17 at 9:00 a.m.

Welcome New Advisory Board Members

Please join us in welcoming four new talented additions to the Advisory Boards:

  • Steven Cottam and

  • Noemi Hernandez-Balcazar will be joining the Tier II Advisory Board

  • Grace Lin and

  • Elizabeth Mitchell will be joining the Tier I Advisory Board.

The ZAP program is grateful for their willingness to serve. Please read more about each new member in the following pages of this newsletter.

UNA Publishes Revised Standards of Ethics

UNA is proud to announce the publication of the revised Standards of Ethics for Utah’s Nonprofit Organizations. It is now available on the UNA website here. Significant updates were made to many categories including fundraising, evaluation, information management and communications -- which now addresses social media.

The ZAP application refers to the UNA Standards of Ethics and encourages all recipients to adhere to these values.

In 2001, the UNA Board of Directors originally established the Standards of Ethics (Standards) as a way to build professionalism in the nonprofit sector. The Association required then, and requires today, that every member affirm the Standard of Ethics with a board resolution, and reaffirm its commitment to those standards annually at the time of your membership renewal.

These revised Standards of Ethics provide a platform from which Boards of Directors and staff will be exposed to funda- mental values related to mission, governance, financial and legal accountability, fundraising, communications, human re- sources, information management, public policy advocacy, and evaluation. These Standards will encourage robust discussion within boardrooms among board members and staff about those values and their impact on the operations and management of their organization. It is a set of values to which nonprofits aspire, and which may take some time to fully reach.

The Standards will help elevate those Utah nonprofits that demon- strate genuine integrity. Further, they will mitigate the need for out- side watchdogs as we pay close attention to self-imposed standards and reveal to constituents, including donors, those organizations that most merit their trust and confidence because of their focus on ethical governance and management.


At this year’s National Arts Marketing Project Conference, more than 550 arts marketers from across the country gath ered together for "Getting Down to Business." They learned how to better broaden audiences, discovered innovative ways to stretch even the tightest budgets, and gained techniques and tools to improve donor engagement.

But that’s not all: over the course of the three-and-a-half days in Charlotte, NC, they captured over 6,600 tweets with more than 500 people using the hashtag #nampc. This newest compilation of tweets can be uploaded in there new e- book, you’ll get a glimpse into the conversations and creativity that took place, and find out why weird may be changing the landscape of arts marketing. To see all the resources available from the National Arts Marketing Project visit: http://artsmarketing.org/resources

Noemi Hernandez-Balcazar
Noemi is well acquainted with all art forms and appreciates cultural diversity. She is currently finishing her masters degree at Westminster in Education. According to Tamara Burnside, chair of the Tier II Advisory Board, “Noemi gives 110% to everything she does. She will be excellent on the ZAP Tier II board and would fulfill all aspects needed." 
In 2012 Noemi directed the creation of the decorations representative of the state of Utah for the lighting of trees at the White House in Washington D.C. Noemi currently teaches art related subjects at Kearns High School for the Granite School District and is an advisor to the Hispanic Student Association.

Grace Lin
Grace is excited to be a member of the ZAP Tier I advisory board. Her profes- sional experience is in banking and fi- nance which allows her to bring a finan- cial and strategic perspective to fostering growth in those organizations that receive support and guidance from the ZAP pro- gram. As Bank President of Target Bank, she works closely with its CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) Officer to support local non-profit organizations. Grace also chairs Target Banks Volunteer Council, and as a result, volunteers for many organizations in the Salt Lake area.

As an amateur musician throughout her life, Grace is passionate about the fine and performing arts and understands the importance of resources such as arts, zoos, and parks to the community. Prior to moving to Salt Lake City, she served on the board of the Minneapolis Pops and led the strategic planning committee that detailed a multi-year growth plan for the organization. She also performed with the Kenwood Symphony Orchestra, a highly respected amateur orchestra in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area.

Steven Cottam

Steven is currently retired having worked at the United States Postal Service. Ste- ven brings a broad base of knowledge to the ZAP Tier II Advisory Board with experience in business management, data processing, financial management, customer relations and training. He is active in the community working with the Boy Scouts of America and several local arts organizations. Steve served as the Presi- dent of the Murray Arts Council and served on the Murray City Cultural Advisory Board. According to Mary Ann Kirk, Cultural Programs Manager for Murray City, “Steve is an excellent and dependable board member”.

Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth recently retired as Executive Director of AIA Utah, a Chapter of The American Institute of Architects (a non- profit professional association 501 (c)(6)) after 23 years. Elizabeth brings her pas- sion for supporting cultural opportunities for people of all ages as well as her experience with non-profit organizations to the board. She is member of the Utah Women's Forum. A "nonpartisan, non- profit network organization for women of outstanding accomplishment in diverse fields" and serve on the executive committee. While with the AIA Utah, she collaborated with the University of Utah College of Architecture + Planning on exhibits, and co-organized the Fluid Adagio competition with AlA Utah's Young Architects Forum, which created a temporary art piece on the site adjacent to the Capitol Theater--a project funded by Salt Lake County.

FREE Days (RSS Feed)

The Zoo, Arts and Parks Program requests your help to inform the public when your organization might be offering free days, events or performances.

Now Playing Utah has created a RSS feed featuring free activities in Salt Lake County. This feed will be placed on the ZAP website. This information will also be listed on the Free” tab Please help to keep this feed updated. Please check the

NowPlayingUtah.com and make sure your free events are listed on the calendar and under the Free Tab.

1.             Make it a regular habit to review your listings every month

2.             Check to see that your free events are listed under the free tab

3.             Questions? Contact the ZAP office

Thank You for continuing to help us get the word out about your activities!!!

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you to everyone that responded to my request for information forCelebrate Salt Lake County. The information was so well received we are going to continue with the RSS feed on the ZAP website (see article on page 3).r
 2013 should be a stellar year. The economy continues to strengthen, thus sales tax revenues are project- ed to increase.  The ZAP program will have additional support as we continues to serve all our constitu- ents including you, your organization and the general public. As always it is a pleasure working with you to serve our community.

Sincerely, Vicki
Zoo, Arts and Parks Program Director

Thank you to retiring advisory board members

It is also time to say goodbye to four of our Advisory Board Members.

Daryl and Haruko served on the Tier I Advisory Board from 2007-2012.  Aida served on the Tier II Advisory Board from 2007 2012 and Sue Ferry served on the Tier II Advisory Board since 2009.

Daryl brought a broad base of experience involving leadership, public policy, and program review to the board. Through- out her career, she has been a strong advocate for childrens issues. Daryl recently received the 2012 Merit of Honor Award from the University of Utah Alumni Association.

Haruko has always recognized the im- portance of public support for nonprofit cultural organizations to succeed. She previously served on the Grants Commit- tee of the Salt Lake City Arts Council for 6 years and brought a wealth of experience to the ZAP Tier I Advisory Board. She was recognized by the University of Utah with their Diversity Award, the Association for Asian American Studies Lifetime Achievement Award and the Utah Minority Bar Associations Service to the Minority Community award.

Aida has constantly worked beyond what was expected. Aida has served on the boards of the Utah Humanities Council, the Bountiful/Davis Art Center (as Chair), the West Valley City Arts Council, the Governor's Asian Advisory Board, and the 2002 Olympic Arts and Culture Advisory Council. Aida is the recipient of many awards for community ser- vice, including the Governor’s Leadership Award, the YWCA Outstanding Achievement Award and the International Folk Festival Community Leader- ship Award.
Sue is retiring early to serve her church with her husband. Sue previously served on Salt Lake County Center for the Arts Advisory Board from 2002-2007. She is always generous in her comments regarding the ZAP recipients and understands their challenges. She is an active advocate for arts and culture on the legislative level and she has been instrumental in helping pass arts and cultural legislation.

We sincerely thank Daryl, Haruko, Aida and Sue for all their time and support of the ZAP Program, and wish them continued success in all their endeavors.

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