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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Cowboy Mouth @Good Company Theater (Ogden, April 5- 20)


April 5-20 | Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 4pm

Ogden, Utah—Good Company Theatre is excited to announce its production of Sam Shepard and Patti
Smith’s Cowboy Mouth . An unapologetic tale of lust and rock ‘n’ roll written in response to dissolution
of Smith and Shepard’s own torrid affair in 1971, the one act play peers into the lives of would-be
rock god Slim (Austin Archer) and his biggest fan Cavale (Emilie Starr).

The two spend their days trapped together in a claustrophobic tangle of stunted ambition, rock music,
and psychotic infatuation. Their rundown hotel room is a powder keg of torment and inspiration where
the two sing and argue and wrestle with their fantasies of themselves, longing to escape but incapable
of doing so. After ordering a lobster dinner one evening their volatile relationship comes to an
inevitable head.

Cowboy Mouth  marks the directorial debut of Nicole Finney, who staged a small production of the
show as a student at Weber State University in 2011. “I was so impressed by what Nicole was able to
draw out of the script and actors in that environment,” artistic director Alicia Washington remarks. “The
decision to restage it in a grittier context was one of my first decisions when organizing Good
Company Theatre’s inaugural season.” Local actors Austin Archer (Assassins , Love: A Mixed-Media
Cabaret ) and Emilie Starr (Next to Normal , Saturday’s Voyeur ) reprise their roles as the leads in the
raucous and passionate play.

“I am thrilled to present Cowboy Mouth  to a larger public,” adds Finney.
 “The raw atmosphere of
Good Company Theatre is the perfect backdrop for this intense piece.”
Advance tickets for Cowboy Mouth  are $10, and are available at goodcotheatre.com. Tickets will also
be available for $12 at the door before each performance.

Good Company Theatre, Ogden’s newest theatre company, develops and promotes high-quality,
eclectic theatrical productions and events, forging new relationships between audiences, performers
and spaces in the process.

more information and photos on request to: Alicia Washington

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